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A Simple New Year

Posted on:  January 1st, 2010  by  Ramona |  4 Comments

Happy New Year! January 1st is, for many people, a very emotionally significant date. It's a chance to let go of old mistakes and start over fresh — to take another stab at those goals that didn't quite happen in the past 12 months. But rather than filling your plate with an overwhelming assortment of rules (and setting yourself up for disappointment when you fail to fulfill those expectations), I would like to suggest that you choose only one resolution on which to focus…

This year, in everything you do, why not resolve to make your life simpler? It's actually an incredibly easy resolution to keep — all you need is a little awareness of how much effort it takes to get through an average day. For one full week, every time you start a new activity, ask yourself, “How could I simplify this chore?” Grocery shopping is less time-consuming if you plan your meals in advance and get everything you need in one weekly trip, paying bills is less onerous if you have them charged automatically to your credit card, getting dressed in the morning is less stressful when you clean out everything that doesn't fit from your closet, and getting your kids out the door for school is a snap if you pack lunches and gather up school supplies the night before.

There's always a “simplicity solution,” if you look hard enough! And the great thing about choosing a resolution like this, is that you're guaranteed to see improvements in every area of your life. Wish you had a cleaner and more organized house? Simplifying will help you do that. Want to be able to fit in time for the gym every day? Simplify your schedule, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to make that happen. Looking to live within your means and start putting some money away in savings? If you simplify your spending habits, plug those money leaks, and choose a more frugal path in terms of material “wants,” you'll be on the road to financial independence in no time. What a great multi-purpose resolution! Will you join me in trying to make this the simplest and most satisfying year yet? I'll be here to help you with tips and hints and even personal coaching if you need it — I want you to succeed, and together, I know we can do it!

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Ramona Creel is an award-winning 15-year veteran organizer and member of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. As well as having birthed “The A-To-Z Of Getting Organized,” Ramona is also the author of “The Professional Organizer’s Bible: A Slightly Irreverent And Completely Unorthodox Guide For Turning Clutter Into A Career”—and the creator of more than 200 “quick-start” business tools and templates for use by productivity professionals. She writes seven different blogs, has worked with hundreds of clients, and has delivered scores of presentations on getting organized. Ramona resides on the roads of America as a full-time RVer—living and working in a 29-foot Airstream with The Husbert and two fur-babies. Learn more at GettingOrganizedAToZ.com and RamonaCreel.com.

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4 Responses

  1. Janet Barclay | Organized Assistant says:

    Sometimes one change doesn’t feel like it’s going to be enough, even though it’s probably all we can realistically handle. For that reason, I suggest making a list of desired changes, but just choose one to work on. Once you feel you’ve got that under control, select another one. That way you’re always moving forward, but you’re not overwhelming yourself with unrealistic expectations. What do you think of this idea?

  2. Ramona says:

    Exactly right!

  3. Margarita Ibbott says:

    Found your post on Janet Barclay`s Professional Organizer Blogger Carnival. Thought I would stop by and comment. Even as s professional organizer, it seems my life is never truly simplified. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Ramona says:

    Amen to that sista! Isn’t it the truth??!

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