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Rig-Buying Consideration #9 — Customization

RV Blog -- Buying Everyday TransportationAnd as with every person on the planet, there are times when you just need to be left the hell alone. Living together in a small space requires a little privacy. If you are all up in each other’s faces every day, you’re going to get irritated — even if you dearly love the person. So when shopping for an RV, make sure the layout allows for a bit of separation.

Most RVs are perfectly suited for dealing with this issue. The trailer is essentially broken into two “rooms” — kitchen and living room in front, bathroom and bedroom in the back. I can’t tell you what a difference this division of space can make for your peace of mind. For most of the day, You can work in one part of the house, and your spouse/significant other can work in the other — you aren’t right on top of each other, getting in each others way. You can even shut the door if one of you is making noise and the other needs quiet — for example, when one of you wants to play video games and the other is in a mood to read, or you both need to make a phone call at the same time. Simply open the bathroom door all the way and latch it to the other side of the hallway to separate the front and back rooms. Voila — instant privacy! Of course, you have another “room” that is just as important as your inside spaces — the patio. When you pull out your sun awning, set up the patio rug, put out your table and chairs — suddenly, you have twice as much living area. During nice weather (and your goal should be to follow the nice weather around the country), you can eat your meals outside, play board games at the table, even take your laptops out and work in the fresh air. Having this space keeps 200 square feet from seeming claustrophobic — and it keeps you from getting on each other’s nerves in such a small space.

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