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One Resolution To Rule Them All

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One Resolution To Rule Them All

Realz-World Resoluting —
One Resolution To Rule Them All

One Resolution To Rule Them All -- learn how to set realistic goals that you might actually stand a chance of achieving this year (#blogpost #resolutions #goals #simplify #achieve #accomplish #goalsetting #healthyboundaries #youcandoit #productivity) at New Year! So tell me, just exactly how ridiculous is your collection of goals for the coming 365 days? I mean, I know it’s still early — but if you’re like most folks, you already have plans to lose 20 pounds, stop smoking, clean out the garage, remodel your kitchen, earn a promotion, obtain a PhD, cure cancer, solve world hunger, and finish that novel you started back in college.

Same as last year. And the year before. And the one before that.

I gotta tell you, the whole thing makes me exhausted already — and it’s only January first. (And, it’s not even my damn list!)

This year, how ’bout we try something new. Let’s NOT fill your plate with an overwhelming assortment of hyper-optimisitc, overly-grandiose, pie-in-the-sky fantasyland rules governing every aspect of waking life.

And just for shiggles, let’s maybe also avoid society’s favorite nowhere-near-feasible-without-manipulating-the-laws-of-time-and-space per annum edicts. (You know, those become-a-different-person-overnight resolutions that leave you in a state of anxiety about everything you’re doing “wrong” — and make you feel like a worthless piece of crap when you fall short, as you’re guaranteed to do, of the many insane even-superwoman-would-fuck-this-up expectations with which you’ve self-saddled.)

Let’s stay away from THOSE.

Instead, Imma suggest that you choose one goal upon which to lavish your focus and attention. Only one.

I know that’s killing the overachiever in you, but tough shit. Reality check — what you’ve been doing ain’t working (or else you wouldn’t be here, reading this blog). So we’re going back to preschool and relearning how to take baby steps. I want you comfortable with a bar that a freaking toddler could stumble over!

And unlike City Slickers, I’ve already figured out what that “one thing” is for you.

With every breath you take, every move you make, every cake you bake, every leg you break — why not commit to just making life a little simpler?

Think about how much effort it takes to get through an average day — much less those more challenging “I may have to kill everyone before I’m through” diurnals. Now imagine that you could shave even 10% off the exertion-level for everything you did. Getting ready in the morning. Leaving the house. Answering email. Balancing your checkbook. Preparing dinner. How much extra time and energy would you have left over if every single activity (even the silliest little autopilot routines) were a tiny smidge easier?

I’m not talking about achieving a one-time goal.

I mean a permanent change in the way you function. Every day. For the rest of your life.

Holy crap — that’s huge!

(Who knows. It might even free you up to finally accomplish those OTHER goals you keep putting off!)

It’s an incredibly stupid-proof resolution — all you need is a little awareness. Just keep asking yourself, “How could I simplify this chore?” Checking email isn’t quite so obnoxious if you set up a series of filters that farm messages into different folders based on the sender or topic. Grocery shopping is nowhere near as time-consuming when you plan meals in advance and get all your supplies in one weekly trip. Bill-paying is less onerous if you have recurring items charged automatically to your credit card. (Plus — cash back!) And dressing for the day is a snap when everything that doesn’t fit has been culled from your closet.

Unlike setting a million individual goals and watching them all swirl down the toilet (along with whatever’s left of your self-esteem) by the end of February, you can spark practical improvements in every area of your life with this one small mindset shift. Wish you had a more organized house? Simplify your stuff. Want time to workout every day? Simplify your schedule. Looking to put money away in savings? Simplify your spending habits. There’s always a “simplicity solution” to any problem, if you look hard enough.


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    6 Responses

    1. Janet Barclay | Organized Assistant says:

      Sometimes one change doesn’t feel like it’s going to be enough, even though it’s probably all we can realistically handle. For that reason, I suggest making a list of desired changes, but just choose one to work on. Once you feel you’ve got that under control, select another one. That way you’re always moving forward, but you’re not overwhelming yourself with unrealistic expectations. What do you think of this idea?

      • Ramona says:

        I agree — I make my changes in waves (maybe focusing on some business improvement I want to make for a week or two — then when I feel I’ve got that one under my belt, maintain that change while implementing a personal improvement). Works far better than trying to change every single thing about you in one fell swoop!

    2. Margarita Ibbott says:

      Found your post on Janet Barclay`s Professional Organizer Blogger Carnival. Thought I would stop by and comment. Even as s professional organizer, it seems my life is never truly simplified. Thanks for the reminder!

    3. My motto is: Progress Equals Happiness. ANY progress. No matter how tiny. On ANY goal or aspect of life. So, yeah.

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