So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur —
Why On Earth Would You Go And Do A Thing Like That?

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Why On Earth Would You Go And Do A Thing Like That?
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Why On Earth Would You Go And Do A Thing Like That?

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur —
Why On Earth Would You Go And Do A Thing Like That?

But Why? -- let's get real about he motivations behind your entrepreneurial dreams (#blogpost #selfemployed #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #workforyourself #quityourjob #businessowner #girlboss #beyourownboss #ownbusiness) at woke up with an all-of-a-sudden hankering to start your very own I’m-the-boss-and-you-bitches-answer-to-me type company. Awesome! But before you put on pants (highly recommended, by the way — just a little entrepreneurial insider tip to make that business-license-application-sans-indecent-exposure-arrest a lot easier), let me ask the one question prolly no one else will. Why?

(FYI, “I dunno” is a straight-up bullshit answer. I guaran-dadgum-tee you’ve got more-than-a-few preconceived notions about how self-employment will change your life — now it’s time to get real about those expectations!)

Perhaps you’re looking to push a few job-related envelopes, blaze some career trails, discover of which occupational stuff you’re actually made. You might desire a smidge more creative inspiration and professional fulfillment. Could be you’re seeking a professional freedom/flexibility that doesn’t pair well with the fruity-yet-effervescent time-clock-punchage currently filling your vocational glass. Or maybe that super-important “something” you’ve always wanted to say has finally grown tired of  life on the inside — that sucker’s ready for a Anísio-Jobim-style jail-break. (One of the bloodiest in history. Way worse than Attica. They threw decapitated heads over the wall and 184 prisoners escaped — look it up.)

These are all admirable, entirely-achievable self-employment goals. But you might also be a tad deluded. Maybe you’re imagining the entrepreneur’s life as one of obscene wealth and endless vacation (not hardly) — or seeing owning-a-business as just the self-esteem-boost-and-personal-relationship-fixer you’ve been needing to get your life on track (good luck with that). Hanging out a shingle and signing your own paychecks doesn’t automatically turn your sorrows into rainbow ice cream and unicorn farts.

If your goal is to sit back, do next-to-nothing, and collect piles of money, I have some bad news — self-employment doesn’t work that way. Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely possible to create self-sustaining passive income streams, uber-automate your systems, and achieve Michael-Gerber-esque levels of “entrepreneurial maturity” (he’s the author of The E-Myth, which you should go out and read TODAY if you’ve not done it already). Done correctly, yes you can spend your days lounging on a beach in Aruba while a combination of computer programs and well-trained staff members handle your business affairs — but it takes time, skill-development, and a whole lotta work to get there.

I’m not raining on your parade, just handing you a damn umbrella. Occupational expectations form the basis for every career decision you make — and it stands to reason that aiming toward something non-existent tends to destine one for failure. Recognizing the “why” behind your calling is the key to creating a positive going-out-on-your-own experience in the early biz-running years. (It also prevents those having-to-tuck-your-tail-in-shame-and-beg-the-man-for-a-job-cuz-you-couldn’t-make-it night sweats later on.)

Certainly, you’ll have the opportunity to re-evaluate intentions and re-calibrate your priorities over and over again as your practice grows and evolves. But throughout your work life (whether in setting price structure, determining a specialization, deciding how many hours a week to put in, thinking about hiring staff, or considering working with a potential client) — your choices need to be in alignment with your values. And that means taking a minute to understand exactly what motivates you as an entrepreneur.

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