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What It’s Like To Live, Work, And Play On The Road
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What It’s Like To Live, Work, And Play On The Road
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The Road To RVing —
When You Live Everywhere And Nowhere At The Same Time

When You Live Everywhere And Nowhere At The Same Time -- find out what it means to live nowhere and everywhere at the same time as a full-time RVer (#blogpost #RVlifestyle #RVer #fulltimer #fulltimeRVing #Airstream #glamping #travel #lifeofadventure #homeiswhereyouparkit) at http://ramonacreel.com/2018/01/03/living-in-a-tin-can/live-everywhere-and-nowhere/Random Person: “So where do you live?”

Me: “I’m a full-time RVer. I live in an Airstream. You know, one of those little silver travel trailers?”

Random Person: “Wait — so you can just pick up and go? Wherever you want? Whenever you want?”

Me: “Pretty much. Hawaii’s tough — lotta paddling.”

Random Person: “Wow, that’s so awesome! I’d love to be able to do that someday. Must be a great life!”

Me: “Yes. Yes it is. But not for the reasons you think.”

The only thing better than total strangers suggesting that my planetary existence is amazing, and something to which they aspire? Correcting a core misunderstanding most folks seem to have about the tin can life! I’ve discovered that a goodly number of non-nomads view itinerant living from a strictly “you-get-to-gallivant-365-days-a-year-you-lucky-dog” perspective. Totally understandable (after all, that’s the fantasy those slick-talking dealers are selling at the RV shows) — but it still a-little-bit chaps my hind-end.

This way of thinking completely discounts the even more earth-shattering “trim-your-stuff-simplify-your-life-say-goodbye-to-stress” aspect of freewheeling that attracted me to full-timing. While at-a-moment’s-notice-hinterland-splitting is certainly awesome, life on the road involves more (much more, HELL of a lot more — I’m talking a moving-to-the-next-scientific-order-of-magnitude level of “more”) than that colorful collection of stickers on your rig-map. Folks who so casually reduce my beloved bedouin-minus-the-sand lifestyle to its lowest-common-travel-denominator are wholly and completely missing the point!

My decision to give up stationary life in favor of hyper-mobility was only partly about the wanderlust. (A sizable component no doubt, but still just one single slice of a big-ass pie.) My larger goal was to downsize and disentangle — to shed all the unnecessary trappings, the unsustainable expenses, the unreasonable expectations of modern life. Society told me that I should purchase property and work a 9-to-5 job, that I needed to breed a houseful of children and accumulate a lot of spendy stuff. But when I studied those who’d followed that plan, all I saw was debt, exhaustion, and discontentment. My response? Screw that!

I’ve always been a non-conforming-minimalist at heart — I mean, clients pay me (a lot) to coach them on downsizing and decluttering, for fuck’s sake! But it took moving into less-than-200-square feet to teach me what simplicity was really, REALLY all about. More than any other life-choice, relocating to the equivalent of a light-aircraft fuselage on wheels allowed me to most-drastically shrink the money/time/energy it took to maintain my living environment — which left more of all three to invest in enjoying the larger world.

You see, this whole live-in-a-vehicle thing is (at least for me) about freedom — not only the freedom to have or be or do what you want, but the freedom to NOT have/be/do those things you DON’T.

And that (yes your RV as a source of peregrinatory adventure, but also its power as an instrument for choosing a uniquely-fulfilling-and-totally-unlike-anyone-else’s life-path) is why ditching the brick-meets-mortar approach and taking that proverbial show on the road truly is the American dream!

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    7 Responses

    1. Carla says:

      That is so cool that you guys are RVing around the country! I wish I could be so free…what an awesome experience it must be!!!

    2. Larry says:

      Kudos to both of you for realizing this early, and, acting on what is important. How wonderful it is to be free…….

    3. Jessi says:

      We have always moved around a lot and get bored after just a few months in each place. We are always ready for the next adventure. We can’t wait to become full-timers so we don’t have to move an entire house of stuff each time. :)

    4. Chris Carrington says:

      I like the way you think! And write! When I was younger all I owned was a backpack and traveled for about 12 years. After “taking care of business” for 20 years, now here I am a full timer with TEN years under her belt. Minimalist for sure…21′ tin can motor home.

    5. Phil says:

      I like your attitude, and perspective on life. What do I really need? To be happy! What do I need to be happy? I can say it’s not stuff.

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