So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur —
One Small-Biz-Learning-Curve-Migraine At A Time

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One Small-Biz-Learning-Curve-Migraine At A Time
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One Small-Biz-Learning-Curve-Migraine At A Time

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur —
One Small-Biz-Learning-Curve-Migraine At A Time

One Small-Business-Learning-Curve-Migraine At A Time -- look at all those brand-new skills you'll be acquiring as you launch your self-employed business (#blogpost #selfemployed #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #workforyourself #quityourjob #businessowner #girlboss #beyourownboss #ownbusiness) at’ll tell you right now, self-employment is not a bailiwick for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurship may be your irrefutable vocational calling, your incontrovertible career destiny, your undisputed-predetermined-occupational-inevitability — but it’s also hard freaking work!

You will (quite regularly) be shoved (rather violently) outside your comfort zone — I’m talking a-show-no-mercy-Gorilla-Monsoon-style-fireman-carry-airplane-spin-death-valley-driver mat throw. You’ll be handed dilemmas you have no clue how to solve, asked to master skills you never even knew were a “thing,” and challenged in ways that occasionally resemble a very painful episode of Wipeout.

Every so often, all you’ll want to do is quit. But most days, it’s better than sex, really really dark chocolate, and a winning powerball-on-a-quattuordecuple-rollover lottery ticket — all wrapped up together.

(Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I’ll definitely take an orgasm, a big slice of ganache cake, and four-hundred-million dollars over having to enter expenses in quickbooks — but you get my drift.)

And the trick to sticking it out when the going becomes, shall we say, a-touch-less-than-tender?

Developing maddd entrepreneurial skillz. (Yes — with a “z” and three “d”s. Get over it.)

During those especially rough patches (as your aspirations repeatedly shit the bed and you’re seriously wondering why you ever thought being in charge was a good idea), a steadfast unwavering belief in your abilities will see you through. That’s when your refusal to let external problems make you their bitch kicks into high gear — when a whatever-it-takes creativity/determination combo points you toward exactly the success resources you need — when a deep-down-in-the-pit-of-your-gut certainty that you can handle ANY-FUCKING-THING this bidness tosses your way straightens your spine and stiffens your resolve.

(That same bombastic optimism is also what keeps you from hanging out a “No Adulting Today” sign, crawling into bed with a box of milanos, and pulling the covers over your head. It’s a good thing.)

That’s when you know you’ve got this.

Of course, Yoda-level entrepreneurship doesn’t happen by osmosis (no matter what sort of midichlorian bullshit George Lucas wants you to believe about the force). Launching a business requires that you develop a number of not-nearly-so-terrifying-as-they-seem competencies beyond hands-on-service-provision — suddenly you’re expected to understand appropriate-legal-entity-selection, courtroom-defensible-written-contract-creation, tax-deduction-legitimacy-evaluation, sale-closure, book-balancing, social-media-marketing-maelstrom-weathering, and age-of-internet-professional-credibility-building.

Right about now, I’ll bet you’re wondering if your head is big enough to accommodate that many hats.

(Plus, if you’re doing it right, you should still be able to go home on time every night.)

As it says on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, “Don’t panic!” Some skills will come easily, others might be a bit more challenging — but I’m here to guide you through each step, and I know you’ll do smashingly. Plus, natural-born problem-solvers flipping LOVE the sense of accomplishment that comes with acquiring a new capability. If nothing else, self-employment does wonders for your psyche.

Keep in mind that any new endeavor has a high intimidation factor. But once you learn the ropes and settle into a regular routine, you’ll see that being-the-boss-hood is no more difficult than any other job.

The most important thing to remember is to dot them “i”s and cross them “t”s — document every decision, every expense, every interaction. The number one rule of small business is CYA. (I mean both-butt-cheeks-and-don’t-forget-the-crack-with-a-fireproof-bullet-proof-stupid-proof-sheet-of-kevlar.)

Attention to detail is what protects you from future worries. The folks who get in trouble are those who don’t take their business responsibilities seriously — but if (starting from the very first minute you even THINK about having your own company) you treat this like a profession and not a hobby, you’ll be fine.

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