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Self-Employment As A Big-Ass Ego Boost

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Self-Employment As A Big-Ass Ego Boost
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Self-Employment As A Big-Ass Ego Boost

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur —
Self-Employment As A Big-Ass Ego Boost

Self-Employment As A Big-Ass Ego Boost -- why entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to boost your confidence (#blogpost #selfemployed #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #workforyourself #quityourjob #businessowner #girlboss #beyourownboss #ownbusiness) at all know someone (maybe you) who hates his/her job — but as it turns out, the things 9-to-5-types value most aren’t what you’d imagine. While yes-of-course-in-a-perfect-world it would be nice to make crapton more money, the vast majority of complaints are tied to issues of autonomy and recognition.

Moral of the story? The best way to keep your peons happy is to give ’em a micromanagement-free-pat-on-the-back-with-more-than-a-snowball’s-chance-in-hell-of-career-advancement.

And yet, with two-thirds of gallup-polled breadwinners feeling occupationally-pretty-much-right-the-hell-up-to-here — it’s clear that most employers are failing miserably at this relatively simple task. (A sad commentary on the state of modern labor.)

Hey, I was there once myself — fucked over, fed-up, and flat-out frustrated with the fine folk who signed my paycheck. Believe me, I get why you’re done with all that noise!

So if you’re tired of being one of the great-unwashed-undervalued-wage-slave masses, if you’re a half-step from suggesting that the workaday world take-this-job-and-shove-it, (and ESPECIALLY if you’re considering the exchange of professional servitude for self-employment) — boy howdy, are you in for a nice surprise!

Entrepreneurship is a great ego-booster. You’ll discover talents you didn’t know you had, have the chance to try on roles you’d never previously dared, and grow in ways that would make Robert Wadlow jealous.

(Okay, so my father had an unhealthy fascination with physical anomaly — what Barnum called “freaks” in less-politically-correct times. I spent my childhood reading about human caterpillars, feral children raised by wolves, conjoined twins, General Tom Thumb and Johnny Eck and Zippy The Pinhead. But my favorite was always the tallest dude in recorded history — at 8’11” with a 9′ wingspan and size 37AA shoe.)

A long-winded explanation for my sometimes-abstrusely-confusing-often-seriously-weird-yet-always-delightfully-entertaining metaphors — anyway, back to the topic at hand!

Have you ever solved a problem? (I don’t mean a cured-cancer-ended-global-warming-level effort — something simple. Fixed a leaky faucet, navigated without directions, figured out how to program your vcr?) Remember the rush of confidence that accompanied this tiny victory? You were ready to conquer the world — all thanks to finding the off-switch for that annoying-ass email-notification on your computer.

(It takes so little to put the human brain in a good mood!)

There’s something supremely empowering about developing new competencies, something for which being-the-boss-hood offers endless opportunity. I would need about two-hundred-and-fifty-times-as-many fingers to count the number of things I’ve learned to do for myself since I became a small-business-owner — negotiating contracts, networking with complete strangers, formulating (then executing) a strategic plan, calculating profit and loss, editing web pages, creating photoshop graphics, chasing down laptop bugs, writing entertaining-yet-informative-if-somewhat-profanity-tinged articles, and much (MUCH) more.

Every time I overcome a previously-seemingly-insurmountable hurdle — my ego swells a bit (in a positive-Freudian-decision-making-action-planning-ratiocinative-personality-component-sort-of-way), that mettle steels itself a bit further, the old spine straightens, and my head rises a tad higher. I’m reminded that I actually am a grown-up. More than that, I’m acing something that only 14% of the population has ever attempted —  and I’ve beaten every two-thirds-of-startups-fail-within-ten-years statistical trend out there.

Huge egoboo — and you can have that too!

The list of potentially-awaiting-proficiencies goes through the roof when you include all the super-cool client-stuff — especially for enterprises of a service-based-ilk. If you’re a having-customers-proclaim-you-the-best-thing-since-Chuck-Norris virgin, I cannot wait for you to experience the absolute ORGASM of professional joy that comes with seeing your handiwork change another’s circumstances for the better.

It’s just as addictive as meth (although accompanied by rather-less psychotic-hallucinating and tooth-loss) — so one little joy-of-auto-vocationalism warning. Be careful about wrapping your entire identity up in your career. No matter how passionately you love work, you’re more than the title on your business card.

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