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A Piss-Poor Predictor Of Success

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A Piss-Poor Predictor Of Success
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A Piss-Poor Predictor Of Success

Realz-World Resoluting —
A Piss-Poor Predictor Of Success

A Piss-Poor Predictor Of Success -- learn why past behavior does not accurately indicate future goal-achievement capability (#blogpost #resolutions #goals #simplify #achieve #accomplish #goalsetting #healthyboundaries #youcandoit #productivity) at“I’ve failed before — more than once. It’s become pretty danged clear to me that I’m incapable of doing (insert whatever life-change-objective has become an unbearable thorn in your side).”

Huh. Really.

Not to launch into a rant or anything (cuz lord knows we wouldn’t want THAT) — but I must share how sick-to-freaking-death I am of this particularly tired, overused, give-up-without-ever-trying excuse for denying yourself a chance to have the life you always wanted.

I’m sorry, but that shit don’t fly in my world!

We need to have what my deeply southern momma-n-em called a “come to jesus meeting” about falsehood masquerading as truism.

Please-please-pretty-please understand that Oprah-esque endorsement does not in any way make the pop-psych “previous behavior predicts your future” bullstein spewed by Dr. I-Ain’t-Actually-A-Licensed-Practitioner-But-I-Play-One-On-Television (Phil, in case you didn’t figure that one out)  fact.

Check the past-meets-prologue research — what’s erstwhile destiny.

With that in mind, let’s chat a bit about the reality of failing at your goals. Okay yes — you committed a regal pooch-screw while attempting to get skinny or organized or debt-free or higher-educated at some point in your exceptionally-checkered “before.” (I’m talking you boned that canine repeatedly. With vigor.)

So fucking what?

Are you exactly the same person today as you were back then — some creepy arrested-development-dopelganger, twin to an earlier less-evolved version of yourself? Stuck in equivalent circumstances? Possessing identical neuronal circuits and thought patterns? With a carbon-copy collection of experiences tucked under that 80s-throwback cummerbund? Replicating your former daily habits and routines?

No. Just — no. HELLS no.

You’re now a wholly-completely different human being (far wiser and more advanced). Why-then-in-the-name-of-all-that’s-righteous-and-sublime would you judge yourself against this immature, underdeveloped yardstick? What you’re comparing isn’t just apples and oranges — it’s dachsunds and buicks. (Not even close to a kingdom-phylum-class-order-family-genus-species-level-of-flipping-animacy match!)

However, Phillip Calvin “Get Real” McGraw’s advice isn’t 100% wrong. Gross oversimplification though he may’ve embraced, there’s a truth-kernel buried deep in his motivational theory. I offer “Ramona’s Three Immutable Laws Of Cutting Yourself Some Damn Slack For Past Mistakes” as a helpful codicil:

  • recent events weigh heavier than ancient history (when you start in with that resolutionary-crystal-ball-gazing, remember that last week’s self-improvement efforts offer more relevant proclivital insight than the presumption that blowing it in college ruined your chances of success three decades later)
  • remove the cue, change the conduct (every good-intention-destroying act is tied to a specific trigger, like where you eat healthy at home but inhale copious amounts of crap when dining out — control the prompts to which your amygdala is exposed, and you end those counterproductive responses)
  • even a lifelong predisposition can be short-circuited (be-they-good-or-bad behaviors only become predictive when you’re rewarded-or-at-the-very-least-not-punished for engaging in them — the minute you start attaching negative consequences, you destroy that habit’s power over you)

Moral of the story? You’re more than a knee-jerk-reactionary automaton — start acting like it.

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