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Just Enough Of A Control Freak To Be Dangerous

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Just Enough Of A Control Freak To Be Dangerous
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Catalyzing Career Competencies —
Just Enough Of A Control Freak To Be Dangerous

Just Enough Of A Control Freak -- taking a look at a particularly helpful entrepreneurial competency, detail-orientation (#blogpost #selfemployed #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #workforyourself #quityourjob #businessowner #girlboss #beyourownboss #ownbusiness) at are always asking what skills they need to succeed at self-employment. I tell them a-touch-of-OCD-paired-with-a-healthy-lack-of-fucks doesn’t hurt. They laugh — but I’m totally serious.

Now before your thong gets all twisted up and you start screaming accusations of politically-nowhere-near-correct-insensitivity-toward-the-quote-unquote-mentally-problematic in my face, allow me to clarify.

(Yeah right — like that little intended-as-a-joke-but-destined-for-widespread-offendability euphemism alone ain’t enough to get me in all kinds of trouble!)

OCD is a chronic anxiety disorder that involves intrusively-uncontrollably-recurring fears and worries — as well as the structured performance of repetitive “rituals” to calm any accompanying agitation or distress. It’s an exceptionally torturous, debilitating state of affairs. I do hope you understand that I’m not for one second suggesting you fake an excruciating psychological condition in order to become a better bidness-person. I’m speaking METAPHORICALLY — about FIGURATIVELY harnessing one specific facet of the disease, watering it down to a socially-acceptable level, and turning it into a positive personality trait.

(Is that enough of a disclaimer to keep me from getting nasty emails? Prolly not.)

The thing about obsessive-compulsion is that NOT performing the aforementioned protocols (in the same way each time) causes tremendous angst. That’s what we’re trying to emulate — albeit a kinder-gentler-version-of-this-affliction. I want the things you do to keep your company on track to be so regimented-meets-second-nature, your world feels totally off-kilter when you don’t follow through on them.

You with me so far? Good deal.

Once you’ve got that part down, go ahead and unreservedly violate this rule (thus proving to the world that you-and-not-a-subconscious-dysfunction are in control of your behavior).

You’re gonna do this by being willing to complete your faux-OCD-administrative-procedures in a less-than-impeccable manner. (Yes, what I’m suggesting is thoroughly contradictory. Fair warning, most aspects of running a business are utterly antithetical — get over it now or go back to working for “Da Man.”)

Here’s why this it’s-a-good-thing-to-occasionally-do-it-wrong codicil is important. As a forever-recovering-perfectionist, I can tell you that the need to perform flawlessly is a sharp-as-hell-ready-to-cut-your-head-off-if-you-aren’t-careful-double-edged sword. (And the damned thing’s at least twice as dangerous to we self-employeds.) You wouldn’t be nearly-as-effective-a-boss-person if you weren’t at least a tad anal-retentive — but you gots to keep it in check so this “virtue” doesn’t inadvertently morph into a “liability.”

Auto-vocational idealism hinders professional accomplishment.

Like when you won’t launch your website or publish that book until every page has been proofread 183 times — and the flipping thing never gets off the ground. Or you crap out on a new product line because you’re afraid it won’t live up to some insanely-ridiculous sales standard. Or an insistence upon chasing-down-every-bookkeeping-penny-sans-accounting-help causes you a late-tax-filing fine. Or you lose valuable customers, unwilling to pay for the hours it takes to nit-pick-the-crap-out-of-a-cliental-solution.

Learning to live-and-die-according-to-routine (while simultaneously recognizing that good enough is good enough) — one-or-possibly-two of the most valuable entrepreneurial competencies you can acquire.

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