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While having a functional filing system, an ergonomic workstation, a livable home space, and a productive schedule are important — I realized early on that man cannot live by organizing technique alone. Most folks require something more. You can be extremely organized and still feel stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy. Organizing is just the beginning — true simplicity requires a realignment of your priorities.

My job became not just teaching my clients organizing technique, but providing ongoing coaching and guidance as they tried to figure out what ELSE they wanted in life. Organizing became a tool for achieving other goals — a means rather than the end in and of itself. I began working with my clients on all sorts of tangential issues related to voluntary simplicity — reducing debt and achieving financial independence, changing careers, downsizing, making time and space for those passions that had fallen by the wayside.

I discovered that everything in life is about decluttering — cleaning out that which weighs you down in order to make room for the truly important things in life. Whether you’re eliminating spending leaks, letting go of toxic people, learning how to say “no” to activities, or deciding how much house is “enough.” Technically I’m a coach — but I hate that term. My true role is that of tutor, mentor, ass-kicker, fixer, problem-solver, finder of resources.

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