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What Organizing Help Do You Need?

I take a holistic view of organizing, and believe that simply cleaning out a closet or setting up a bunch of file folders isn’t enough to affect a lasting change in people’s lives — you have to root out clutter wherever it lives. So in addition to the typical time/paper/space issues, I also help my clients organize their finances, kids, memorabilia, business procedures, you name it! Here are a few examples of the types of services I offer…

Time Management

Too much to do and not enough time? If you want to achieve more during your day, you must learn how to prioritize, plan ahead, and sett realistic goals — but it’s just as important to root out time-wasters and interruptions that continually throw you off track. With the right approach, you can boost productivity AND find more free time in which to enjoy life!

Clutter Control


Clutter is anything unnecessary or extraneous — something that takes up space without giving you any tangible benefit. But I’m talking about more than a pile of unread magazines or an overstuffed junk drawer. Getting organized also means clearing the clutter from your schedule, finances, relationships, mind, and heart — a holistic “clean-sweep” for your whole life!

Space Organizing

Having a place for everything not only makes it easier to find an item when you need it — but you spend less time putting it all away during clean-up. However, there’s no one right way to organize. It’s about setting up your storage in a way that makes sense for your unique lifestyle. Learn how to make the most of your existing space with the right tools and techniques.

Paper Management

The first step is to develop a routine for dealing with incoming mail and to-dos. Next, we eliminate all unnecessary “junk” paper from your life. Then you need a a workable filing system. And finally, a regular purging/archiving routine. These steps will not only dissolve the piles, but help cut down on paper-induced anxiety (I forgot to pay the light bill!)

Office Organizing

Can you see the top of your desk — or are you endlessly buried in paper? Do you work efficiently — or struggle just to keep on top of it all? Does your day end on time — or are you always staying late, trying to catch up? Concise office procedures, logical workflow patterns, and practical space-organizing systems will let you get it all done with minimal stress.


Does your back hurt at the end of the day? Does your computer strain your eyesight and give you a pain in the neck? Are you worried about carpal tunnel from hours spent typing, typing, typing? A little help reviewing your office layout, changing your seating, re-aligning your desk, and adjusting your monitor/keyboard may be just what the doctor ordered!

Staff Training

Make sure that your team has the skills necessary to compete in today’s market. Get your staff on board with your clutter control, time management, paper reduction, and other organizing plans. Whether you prefer a group session or a little one-on-one time with individual employees, your company can only benefit from creating a little order!

Simplifying Your Life

The only way to truly get organized is by simplifying — focusing on your priorities and learning to let go of the rest. It’s time to clear out ALL of the clutter in your life — piles of “stuff” you never use, unnecessary financial obligations, toxic relationships, time-wasters, energy-drainers, and “tolerations.” If your life feels too complicated, it’s time to make a change!


Photos, artwork, collectibles — are you taking care of these valuable mementos the right way? There’s nothing more heartbreaking than taking a trip down memory lane, only to discover that your keepsakes have been ruined by improper storage. Get your memories out of that cardboard box, and organize them in a way that protects and enhances your treasures.

Garage Sales

Making a little cash after you clean out is always a good thing. But garage sales are hard work if you don’t know what you’re doing! There’s a real science to attracting buyers and making sure your discards actually sell. Knowledgeable assistance with pricing, display, advertising, and set-up can mean the difference between wasted weekend and profitable sale.

Moving And Relocation Planning

Moving is never fun, but it’s much less stressful when you have a little help. Careful planning and preparation can make the whole process easier, save you money, and reduce the possibility that anything is overlooked during transit.  Not to mention the fact that organizing as you pack/unpack speeds things up and reduces “down time” during a move.

Organizing Your Kids

Being organized is a skill that kids have to learn — they’re not born knowing how to put things back where they belong or complete their homework on time! The good news is that kids are great organizers, once they’re taught what to do. And the earlier you start, the easier things will be for them at home, in school, in their extracurricular activities, and once they become adults.


Project Management

Do you view new projects with enthusiasm or dread? What’s your biggest hurdle — getting started or following through until the end? Knowing how to clearly define personal and business goals, break overwhelming tasks into bite-sized steps, organize your resources, monitor progress, and stay on schedule are essential skills for success.



Are you able to create and stick to a reasonable budget — one that lets you live beneath your means? Do you pay your bills and file your taxes on time? Are your most important account statements in order? It’s time to get your financial record keeping under control, so you can accomplish your goals for saving, investment, debt-reduction, and retirement!

Get Started

Just fill out my contact form letting me know what kinds of services you are interested in and where you are located. We can have an initial phone conversation, take a look at our calendars, and schedule a time to start. I look forward to helping you begin your journey toward an orderly and simplified life!

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