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How Do You Know If Your Life Is Cluttered?

At the time I started my business, hardly anyone outside of union politics had ever heard the term “Professional Organizer” before. (In fact, when I told strangers what I did for a living, they assumed I was a Hoffa-style labor leader, running picket lines and fomenting worker rebellion — yessir, I’m a kneecap-breaker!) But that was then, this is now, and overwhelmed folks are FINALLY asking for a little help — the trick is, ya gotta admit to having a problem before you can actually take that first crucial step.

Cutting Through The Clutter Maze

After you’ve been mired in clutter and chaos for a long time, you sort of stop noticing it. I don’t mean the mess just magically goes away — all those stacks and piles and frustrations are still there. But over time, you mostly learn to ignore them.

It’s like that chronic ache in your back. When the pain flares up, you feel like you really should get this looked at — then before you can schedule an appointment, that cranky nerve quiets down to a dull throb and you convince yourself to wait. It waxes and wanes, never getting bad enough for you to actually DO anything about it — until one day when you wake up totally crippled, kicking yourself in the ass for not having gone to the doctor sooner!

In every part of my life (but especially when holding clients accountable to their goals), I’m all about awareness. You can’t fix a problem until you clarify it — so that’s exactly what we’re going to do here on the organize-and-simplify side of things. I’ve compiled a few handy-dandy self-assessment tools, designed to help you determine how serious your situation is (plus a couple-three suggestions for regaining control, to go along with each). No rules, except that you have to be 100% honest with yourself about what’s not working — fudging the broken stuff ain’t going to help any part of your life get any better:




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