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What Does ‘Organized’ Look Like To You?

Most of us are all-too familiar with the end result of disorganization — the sense of forever-falling-behind overwhelm, the hopelessly suffocating out-of-controlledness, that sadistic little fucker in the back of your head who loves to point out how many times you’ve tried (and failed) to get your shit together. (Screw him!) But have you ever imagined what a place called “organized” will be like once you’re actually there?

Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Before this clutter-clearing odyssey begins, take a minute to think about your intended destination. (Because changing any behavior sans a mental image of that “new you” is like applying makeup while driving down a bumpy road. With your eyes closed.) And I’m talking about your own personal end result — not the latest magazine-or-talk-show trend. (Because blindly adopting someone else’s life-standards instead of choosing your own is like letting your 102-year-old arthritic-parkinson-stricken grandmother do your makeup while driving down a bumpy road — with her eyes closed!)

So tell me about “organized” in your world. Paint me a five-dimensional picture — how it looks, feels, tastes, sounds, and smells. The more authentic and textured and JUICY you can make it, the more real it will seem to your brain. (And as far as the old gray matter’s concerned, seeing is believing.)

“But I can’t!” you cry. “I’m stuck — so deeply mired in clutter-muck that I can’t even begin to imagine a world without all the chaos!” Perhaps it’s time for a little help from your friends. I asked some of my peeps to put their dreams into words — hoping that these will inspire you, excite you, help you come up with your own unique organizing vision (and once you do, I’d love for you to share it with the rest of the crew):

Eradicating Homelessness


“To me, organized means that I can look around my house and see everything in its place. I don’t have to spend 30 minutes looking for something, because I know right where it is!”

Lisa O’Connell

Conscious Decision-Making


“Being organized means being proactive rather than reactive in your life ”

Kristin Van Dusen

No More Stacks


“My idea of organized is a desk that isn’t overflowing with papers — where I can come into my office and sit down to work without the distraction of seeing piles all around me.”

Dawn Bradford

The Mental Side Of Things


“Free. Clear (no fog). Weightless. Mindspace to create. Ditching heavy emotional baggage — because really, clutter is just the physical manifestation of brain clutter.”

Julie Gutierrez

Room To Breathe


“Extra space in my drawers and closet. Space makes me feel like I’m organized. Even if my drawer is perfectly organized with only clothes that fit, folded properly, and in color order, if it’s filled to the top I feel cluttered. Space to me means uncluttered and organized.”

Bethany Anderson

Simplified Meal Prep


“When I’m on top of my weekly menu and shopping list for dinners and items to replace — one store trip and I know what we’re eating each night. Eliminates thinking and panic and leaves my mind clutter-free.”

Susan Warren

Peace Of Mind


“Organized is walking into a room and feeling calm because there is nothing that needs to be done!”

Sue Shipman

Time For Yourself


“My idea of organized is to have my house clean with only a few dishes, and a quick 20-minute tidy every morning. Then I’d have time for craft projects and not feel guilty because I’m leaving other things undone.”

Pam Jones

Breaking The Chains


“Finally being organized is the moment you realize you’re no longer your belongings’ servant.”

Terri Voight

Master Of Your Calendar


“If I were organized, I would be in control of my schedule, and I’d never miss a meeting because I forgot. And I would have more time to spend with my kids on the weekends.”

Tomas Guerrero

Moving At Lightspeed


“When I’m organized, I’m able to find things in a hurry.”

Karen Wilson

To-Dos Are To-Done


“Being organized means having the apartment cleaned up, laundry washed/dried/folded and put away, bills paid, and everything on the grocery list scratched off. Oh, and after all is done, having time to read.”

Gillian Cox

True Independence


“Organized equals freedom to do the things I want to do!”

Miriam Ortiz y Pino

What Really Matters


“To me, being organized would allow me to see and realize what needs to be done, and to know the most effective way of getting it all accomplished without stress — being able to effectively prioritize.”

Sharon Kershaw

Bye-Bye Clutter


“Organized means the ten stacks of papers in my home office are gone!”

Kalin Thomas

Priorities In Place


“An organized life to me would be being able to use our dining room table for a meal instead of my ‘stuff’ — not meeting every visitor at our door with, ‘Pardon my mess.’ Not having to spend an entire day cleaning every time my husband is due home from a business trip.”

Becky Dunlap

The Whole Package


“My idea of organized is a place for everything and everything in its place (easy for me to say). Fridge clean and tidy — my home office organized with everything in files so that I can put my fingers on whatever I want within a matter of minutes. All clothes hanging in a closet or folded neatly in a drawer — my closets set up with organizational modules which hold whatever I feel fit. And and all non-essential items put away or otherwise gotten rid of.”

Ruby Freeman

A Quick Clean


“Being organized means to me that you can straighten up in less than ten minutes.”

Brigitte Starkey

Nothing Extra


“Stuff = stress. Organized = my essentials and the things I hold dear. No more filler.”

Kimsy DiPasqua

Learning To Let Go


“My idea of organized is not living with boxes or piles of my late husband’s belongings and our lives, as I am a young widow. Being able to donate and give away things, or sell the collections we owned. I would love to live in my condo without boxes, books, artwork, etc. piled around and my place to be one of cleanliness, organized, and peaceful instead of all this chaos.”

Rebecca Miller

Back From The Edge


“Organization is not letting your stuff get to the point of no return.”

Flo Selfman

Poetry In Motion


“Being organized feels like an egret taking flight, rising above the clutter that was weighing you down, and finding the freedom to live your best life!”

Hazel Thornton

The Ties That Bind


“I’m organized when I have freedom to breathe.”

Amy Karatz

All Kinds Of Clutter


“My idea of organized is being able to find a specific piece of clothing when needed, being able to have people in my house at any time without absolute embarrassment, and being able to walk in my (or my children’s) room without tripping over something. If I were organized I would be able to get more done in my day and have more time to do other things. That would make my life less stressful.”

Angelina Potter

What Organized Isn’t


“Organization does NOT mean perfection.”

Lara Finley

See It, Feel It


“Looks like — owning just the things I need. Feels like — 100 pounds lighter.”

Sue Blumenfeld

Raising The Bar


“Being organized means that I have what I need and can find it, that I’m not drowning in stuff, that I can keep up with my family’s activities and schedules, and that my home is comfortable and beautiful.”

Barbara Slagel

Productivity And Efficiency


“Organizing according to me is the art of doing things at the right time. Sticking to your work schedule and getting the job done on time — and not procrastinating.”

Arun Chadda













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