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Everything You Need To DIY

I understand that not everyone wants to hire a Professional Organizer — some folks are more DIY and want to do it themselves. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — but motivation alone isn’t enough if you aren’t sure where to begin, or what steps to take. My organizing products are designed to guide you through the process of getting any part of your life in order, one step at a time.

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  • Organizing Checklists And Tip Sheets

    When you’re in organizing mode, nothing helps more than do-it-yourself instructions. I’ve put together a number of checklists, tip sheets, and other how-tos for organizing every area of your life — home, office, finances, kids, paper management, holidays, traveling, you name it… Click here for reuse options!Copyright 2013 Read More

  • Step Into The Clickable House

    Has your domicile gotten out of control? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the one place in the world that’s supposed to serve as your sanctuary? Would you like to make your living environment more, well, livable? Just click on any button to reveal a whole host of decluttering, space planning, information management, productivity, and other... Read More

  • Welcome To The Clickable Office

    Is your office a wreck? Are you drowning in paper and to-dos? Are you unable to function in the one place where you’re supposed to be most productive? Would you like to make your working environment more, well, workable? Just click on any button to reveal a whole host of decluttering, ergonomics, information management, efficiency,... Read More