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15-Minute Organizing Tips

If you don’t think that you have time to get organized — think again! You don’t need to block off a full 8-hour day to clear out a little clutter in your life. Here are a few suggestions for quick organizing tasks you can tackle in 15 minutes or less.

Lightening The Load

Checkmark-Iconcheck your desk for dried up pens and markers

Xmark-Iconclean the trash out of your junk drawer

Checkmark-Iconclear the extra empty hangers out of your closet

Xmark-Iconcreate a pile of borrowed items to give back

Checkmark-Icongather up items to return (library books, videos, etc.)

Xmark-Iconget rid of old or yucky makeup in your cosmetic drawer

Checkmark-Iconget rid of torn and worn underwear and socks

Xmark-Icongo through your magazines and toss old ones

Checkmark-Iconstart a box of items to donate

Xmark-Iconthrow out expired food from the fridge

Checkmark-Icontoss expired items in your medicine cabinet

Managing Your Money

Xmark-Iconbalance your checkbook

Checkmark-Iconclip coupons from the newspaper

Xmark-Iconmake a grocery or shopping list

Checkmark-Iconorganize your wallet

Xmark-Iconpay a couple of bills

Checkmark-Iconreconcile your credit card statement

Xmark-Iconreview your bank statement for errors

Checkmark-Iconsort through and clean out your weekly receipts

Organizing In A Hurry

Xmark-Iconclear off a countertop and put items away

Checkmark-Iconfile a stack of papers

Xmark-Iconfind a home for one “homeless” item

Checkmark-Icongather all pairs of shoes and return to their closets

Xmark-Icongather stray toys into a basket

Checkmark-Iconhang up any coats or jackets in the closet

Xmark-Iconlabel any unidentified containers in your pantry

Checkmark-Iconput any loose books back on their shelves

Xmark-Iconput away the groceries

Checkmark-Iconput away your clean laundry

Xmark-Iconreturn all CDs, DVDs, and software discs to their cases

Quick Cleaning

Checkmark-Iconclean the bathroom mirrors

Xmark-Iconclean the toilet

Checkmark-Icondust one room

Xmark-Iconempty your dishwasher

Checkmark-Iconempty your trashcans

Xmark-Iconfold some clean clothes

Checkmark-Iconmake your bed

Xmark-Iconput a load of laundry in the washer or dryer

Checkmark-Iconstraighten up one room

Xmark-Iconsweep the kitchen

Checkmark-Iconwash the dishes in the sink

Xmark-Iconwipe down the kitchen counters

Tackling To-Dos

Checkmark-Iconcreate a chore chart for the week

Xmark-Iconenter a few business cards in your address book

Checkmark-Iconmake a follow-up phone call

Xmark-Iconmake lunches for the next day

Checkmark-Iconrepair a ripped hem

Xmark-Iconrespond to a couple of e-mails

Checkmark-Iconset out your clothes for the next day

Xmark-Iconsew a missing button

Checkmark-Icontackle a small home “fix-it” project (tighten a screw, hang a picture, etc.)

While Waiting For An Appointment

Xmark-Iconclean out your purse

Checkmark-Iconlisten to a book on tape

Xmark-Iconmake a list of books to read, movies to see, etc.

Checkmark-Iconmake a to-do list

Xmark-Iconplan your meals for the week

Checkmark-Iconread that magazine article you haven’t had time for

Xmark-Iconreview and update your calendar

Checkmark-Iconschedule an appointment you’ve been putting off

Xmark-Iconsort through the mail

Checkmark-Iconwrite a letter

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