Housecleaning Checklist

How much do you hate housecleaning? To be fair, it’s no sane person’s idea of a fun time. (Frankly, very little about home maintenance seems fun to me — especially gardening. I do not understand gardening. Sitting in the hot sun, digging holes, pulling weeds, sweaty, dirty, killing your back and knees — where’s the attraction in that?? Sorry — I digress!) But you don’t have to give up every weekend to a vacuum and brillo pad — as long as you have a regular routine for staying on top of messes before they take over.

My Sword Is A Toilet Brush

Checkmark-Iconrubber gloves, dust mask, knee pads, possibly an apron and hairnet

Xmark-Iconvacuum cleaner and sponge mop

Checkmark-Iconfeather duster and dust cloths

Checkmark-Iconsponges, rags, and paper towels

Xmark-Icontoilet brush and cleaner

Checkmark-Iconplastic bucket

Xmark-Iconfurniture polish and floor wax

Checkmark-Iconglass cleaner, all-purpose disinfectant, and bleach

Xmark-Iconuse your bucket to carry cleaning supplies from room to room

An Ounce Of Prevention

Checkmark-Iconput things away as soon as you’re done with them to avoid double work later on

Xmark-Iconwhen leaving a room, look around for anything that doesn’t belong there

Checkmark-Iconas you go, pick up misplaced or homeless items — take them with you to put away

Xmark-Icondeposit dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher — instead of piling them in the sink

Checkmark-Iconempty the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished running — so you can start over again

Xmark-Iconclean as you go while cooking — washing bowls/pots/pans/utensils as you use them

Checkmark-Iconstraighten the shower curtain after each use — to avoid mold/mildew

Xmark-Iconsqueegee your shower/tub walls after each bath — to keep soap scum at bay

Checkmark-Iconwipe down the sink, counter, or tub after you use them — while everything is still wet

Xmark-Iconsponge up spills and messes right when they happen — before those splatters dry

Checkmark-Iconkeep automatic toilet bowl disinfectant in your tank to reduce scrubbing

Ye Olde Quick Cleanse

Xmark-Icongather up any trash and throw it out

Checkmark-Icontake a basket through the house — picking up whatever random clutter you find

Xmark-Iconstash your  basket out of site — then schedule time to put everything away later

Checkmark-Iconwipe up any obvious smudges/smears on furniture, counters, and mirrors

Xmark-Iconpour some cleaner in each toilet bowl and do a quick run with the brush

Checkmark-Iconvacuum only high-traffic areas — don’t worry about moving furniture

Xmark-Iconuse a dust mop on non-carpeted floors — then wipe down with a damp towel

Checkmark-Icontidy up stacks of magazines and knicknacks on shelves

Xmark-Iconstraighten couch pillows and slipcovers

Checkmark-Iconburn some scented candles or a stick of incense to freshen the air

Xmark-Iconclose the doors to any rooms your guests won’t see

Giving Things A Good Weekly Once-Over

Xmark-Icondust first before tackling the floors — use a microfiber rag if you have allergies

Checkmark-Iconthen sweep any areas without carpeting

Xmark-Iconvacuum next — starting with the upper levels and working your way downstairs

Checkmark-Iconafter vacuuming, mop those floors that need a little extra attention

Xmark-Iconrun through the bathroom — swabbing the toilet, disinfecting the shower/sink/counter

Checkmark-Iconfinally, give the kitchen a wipe-down — horizontal surfaces, stove-top, and sink

Deep Cleaning Isn’t Just For Spring

Xmark-Iconwash windows inside and out — then scrub dirt/pollen/schmutz off screens

Checkmark-Iconclean window coverings and shower curtain

Xmark-Iconremove any scuffs/marks from walls, door frames, window sills, and baseboards

Checkmark-Iconshampoo carpets — wax and/or seal floors made of wood and tile

Xmark-Iconhave furniture cleaned and sprayed with protectant

Checkmark-Iconthoroughly de-grime oven, burners, and stove-top

Xmark-Iconclean accumulated gunk from under and behind large appliances

Checkmark-Iconsponge cabinets, inside and out (focusing especially on sticky spots)

Xmark-Iconswab racks/shelves/bins inside refrigerator — defrost and wipe down freezer

Checkmark-Icondeclutter closets, cabinets, and other storage areas

Out Damned Spot — Out I Say!

Checkmark-Iconchocolate/coffee — blot with a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture

Xmark-Iconblood — sprinkle with meat tenderizer and cool water

Checkmark-Iconred wine — blot with club soda then sprinkle with salt

Xmark-Icongrass/plant stains — blot with slightly diluted hydrogen peroxide

Checkmark-Iconwax — cover with paper towel and warm with an iron

Xmark-Icongrease — absorb with corn starch

Checkmark-Icongum — freeze with an ice cube and break from fabric

Xmark-Iconink — spray with hairspray then sprinkle with salt

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