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Babysitter And Pet Sitter Tips

When you give your most precious possessions to someone else for safe-keeping — be they your kids or your pets — you want to know that they are well cared-for. This checklist will make sure that your sitter has every bit of information he or she needs to keep your babies safe and happy.

Ask Your Sitter…

Checkmark-Iconwhy have you chosen this job?

Xmark-Iconhow long have you been sitting?

Checkmark-Iconare you sitting for anyone else? will that get in the way of you sitting for us?

Xmark-Iconhave you had an emergency come up while sitting? how did you handle it?

Checkmark-Iconwhat medical or emergency training do you have?

Xmark-Icondo you have any children or pets of your own?

Checkmark-Iconwhen are you available to sit? evenings? weekends? holidays?

Babysitter Basics

Xmark-Iconwhen bedtime is and what bedtime routine to follow

Checkmark-Iconrules about watching TV, playing video games, getting on computer, etc.

Xmark-Iconinstructions for completing homework or chores

Checkmark-Iconrules about having friends over or going out to see friends

Xmark-Iconinstructions about making dinner or serving snacks

Checkmark-Iconany other responsibilities — walking pets, cleaning up, etc.

Xmark-Iconinformation about school hours and day care (if applicable)

Caring For Pets While You Are Gone

Checkmark-Iconwalk schedule for dogs

Xmark-Iconinstructions about mealtimes and favorite treats

Checkmark-Iconlocation of leash, cat carrier, kitty litter, and other supplies

Xmark-Iconlist of stores that carry your brand of pet supplies if run out

Checkmark-Iconany other responsibilities — clean cat pan, bathe, etc.

Xmark-Iconthe kind of play, attention your pets like

In Case Of Emergency

Checkmark-Iconfirst aid tips and when sitter should call the doctor

Xmark-Iconmake sure your sitter knows the family fire plan

Checkmark-Iconshow your sitter where the emergency exits are

Xmark-Iconshow your sitter where the fire extinguisher is

Checkmark-Iconshow your sitter where the first aid kit is

Xmark-Iconleave a list of emergency contact numbers

Checkmark-Iconfire, police, neighbors, to reach you, doctor or vet, and hospital

Xmark-Iconmake sure your sitter knows how to use the door and window locks

Checkmark-Icongive your sitter an extra set of house keys

Xmark-Iconshow your sitter which outside light(s) to leave on

Special Instructions

Checkmark-Iconif child or pet require any medications — dose and when to give

Xmark-Iconif child or pet have any illnesses, allergies, or special needs

Checkmark-Iconlet the sitter know if anyone is coming over to fix or deliver anything

Xmark-Iconclarify what the sitter can or can’t do — have friends over, eat, use phone

Checkmark-Iconclarify if you want sitter to answer phone and take messages

Xmark-Iconprovide instructions and keys if letting sitter use your car

Checkmark-Iconprovide sitter with cash — ordering take-out, paying repair people, etc.

Xmark-Iconlet sitter know where you will be and what time you’ll be back

Checkmark-Iconprovide details about your flight, hotel, itinerary, etc. if traveling

Xmark-Icongive the sitter a courtesy call if you will be late

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