Business Travel Tips

When you do your work on the road — as a salesperson, putting together international business deals, or just attending a professional conference — you need to take extra precautions to stay organized. It’s all here — from making travel plans to tracking expenses to returning to the office.

Packing For Your Trip

Checkmark-Iconkeep a pre-packed overnight bag ready for short-notice trips

Xmark-Iconinclude duplicates of toiletries and sleepwear

Checkmark-Iconavoid over packing by planning ahead

Xmark-Iconcreate a standard packing list to use again and again

Checkmark-Iconchoose clothes that don’t require special care or dry cleaning

Xmark-Iconpack clothes that you can mix and match

Checkmark-Iconchoose outfits that can convert into either business or casual

Xmark-Iconavoid checking your luggage

Checkmark-Iconpack two small carry-on bags — one for clothes and one for work

Preparing A Travel Briefcase

Xmark-Iconkeep well-stocked with office supplies

Checkmark-Iconinclude pens, stapler, notepads, paperclips, a calculator

Xmark-Iconcreate a “travel folder” for papers and materials you will need

Checkmark-Iconinclude presentations, reference items, unfinished work, travel info, etc.

Xmark-Iconfill your folder as you plan your trip — or attach a running list to the folder and fill just before you leave

Checkmark-Iconkeep all of your travel info on one sheet — agenda, flight, hotel, rental car

Scheduling Your Days

Xmark-Iconbuild in a cushion on either side of your appointment for delays

Checkmark-Iconhave a contingency plan in case an appointment is canceled

Xmark-Iconbring work or reading material with you to fill time between events

Checkmark-Iconplan in some personal time to relax or sightsee — to unwind

Staying Organized On The Road

Xmark-Iconuse separate credit cards for business and personal purchases

Checkmark-Iconkeep all of your receipts in a manila envelope or zippered pouch

Xmark-Iconmark your expense form as you go and retype when you return

Checkmark-Iconkeep important paperwork all in one place in your hotel room

Xmark-Iconlabel “don’t throw away” (for cleaning staff) when out of your room

Checkmark-Iconreview the materials you have received at the end of each day

Xmark-Iconcategorize and make notes you while it is still fresh in your mind

Checkmark-Iconkeep a running list of items that require attention when you return

They Can Survive Without You

Xmark-Icontake care of as many items as possible before leaving — return phone calls, answer letters, etc.

Checkmark-Iconlet clients and colleagues know when you will be unavailable

Xmark-Iconmake it easy for your staff to reach you should they need you

Checkmark-Icongive copies of your itinerary to your spouse and secretary

Xmark-Iconalso give a copy to the front desk at your hotel

Checkmark-Iconclearly define those items that warrant interrupting your trip

Xmark-Icontrain your staff to handle issues without you

Checkmark-Iconback up your computer and sync your PDA so office has your current info

Xmark-Iconchange your voice message to point callers to the correct colleague

Traveling For Convenience

Checkmark-Iconmake your arrangements through a travel agent to save time

Xmark-Iconrequest your flight seat assignment when getting your reservation

Checkmark-Iconbe seated near the front of the plane to be one of the first off

Xmark-Iconthe earliest flight possible gives you “buffer” in case of delays

Checkmark-Iconchoose a hotel that offers services to business travelers — fax, copier, internet, courier service, etc.

Xmark-Iconlook for free services that make morning easier — continental breakfast, newspaper, iron, etc.

When You Return To Work

Checkmark-Icontake a few moments to put everything away at home and work

Xmark-Icongo through mail, voice messages, and e-mail as soon as you can

Checkmark-Iconmake note of any issues that require your attention

Xmark-Iconcreate three piles — “to delegate,” “action items,” and “to file”

Checkmark-Icondelegate items to others immediately upon return

Xmark-Iconput your list in order of priority with most urgent items at the top

Checkmark-Iconplan time to tackle each item, from top of the list down

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