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Check-Up And Vaccination Timetable

Being organized means taking responsibility for your own health care — knowing what tests and shots you should have at what age, when you should start paying attention to your cholesterol level or bone density or prostate. This checklist makes it easy to be proactive about your family’s well-being.

For Everyone

Checkmark-Iconcholesterol blood test — every 3-5 years starting at age 35

Xmark-Iconblood pressure test — annually regardless of age

Checkmark-Iconfull colorectal cancer screening — every 5-10 years starting at age 50

Xmark-Iconfecal occult blood test — annually starting at age 40

Checkmark-Iconskin self-exam — monthly and annual in-office exam for skin tumors

Xmark-Iconeye exam with glaucoma test — every year regardless of age and full dilation every 2-3 years

Checkmark-Icondental exam — annually regardless of age with x-rays every 3-5 years

For Men

Xmark-Iconprostate exam — yearly starting at age 40, sooner if you have prostate troubles or are at high risk

Checkmark-Iconprostate-specific antigen test — annually starting at age 50

Xmark-Iconannual testicular exam — starting at age 15

For Women

Checkmark-Iconmammogram — every 1-2 years starting at age 40

Xmark-Iconpelvic exam and pap smear — annually starting at age 20 or first sexual activity

Checkmark-Iconbone density test — every 1-3 years starting at age 50, sooner if a family history of osteoporosis

Xmark-Iconbreast self-exam — monthly and in-office exam annually starting at age 25

Special Circumstances

Checkmark-Iconbone density test — early if you are Asian, Caucasian, small boned, smoke, or take certain meds

Xmark-Iconcholesterol test — at age 20 if smoke, diabetic, or history of heart disease

Checkmark-Icondiabetes test — if you are overweight, hypertensive, or have high cholesterol

Xmark-Iconfasting plasma glucose test — if you have a family history of diabetes

Checkmark-Icontest for STDs and AIDS — if you have multiple partners or unprotected sex

Vaccination Schedule

Xmark-Icon0 to 2 months — first dose Hepatitis B

Checkmark-Icon1 to 4 months — second dose Hepatitis B

Xmark-Icon2 months — DTP, type B influenza, polio, pneumococcal conjugate

Checkmark-Icon4 months — DTP, type B influenza, polio, pneumococcal conjugate

Xmark-Icon6 months — DTP, type B influenza, pneumococcal conjugate

Checkmark-Icon6 to 18 months — third dose Hepatitis B, polio

Xmark-Icon12 to 15 months — type B influenza, pneumococcal conjugate, MMR

Checkmark-Icon12 to 18 months — varicella

Xmark-Icon24 months to age 18 — Hepatitis A (for high-risk groups)

Checkmark-Iconages 4 to 6 — DTP, polio, MMR

Xmark-Iconages 11 to 12 — tetanus booster (delay if less

Checkmark-Iconadults every 10 years — tetanus-diphtheria pertussis

Xmark-Iconwomen — human papillomavirus

Checkmark-Iconadults at risk — Hepatitis B

Xmark-Iconadults age 50+ — yearly influenza

Checkmark-Iconadults age 65+ — yearly pneumococcal conjugate

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