Childproofing Checklist

Bringing a new baby home is a joyous but stressful event — you can’t help but worry about them, 24 hours a day. But with a good childproofing plan, at least you needn’t worry about them sticking a fork into the light socket or deciding to go swimming in the toilet bowl!

A Few General Tips

Checkmark-IconConsider hiring a company to help you child-proof

Xmark-Iconget down on your hands and knees to detect child-sized hazards

Checkmark-Iconuse night lights to help prevent falls

Xmark-Iconplace outlet covers on all empty electrical outlets

Checkmark-Iconunplug cords when not in use and tuck out of way

Xmark-Iconshorten drape and blind cords when not in use

Checkmark-Iconinstall window guards or locks

Xmark-Iconuse gates to keep kids out of any “off-limits” rooms

Checkmark-Iconinstall gates at the top and bottom of stairs

Xmark-Iconif home built in 1978 or earlier, check for lead paint

In The Bathroom

Checkmark-Iconplace rubber-bottom mats in bathroom

Xmark-Iconuse rubber mats or non-slip appliqus in bathtub

Checkmark-Iconstore medicines in childproof containers and in locked cabinets

Xmark-Iconput childproof locks on cabinets

Checkmark-Iconclose and lock each toilet lid

Xmark-Iconkeep chemicals, cosmetics, and cleaners out of children’s reach

Checkmark-Iconlower hot water heater temperature to less than 130 degrees

Xmark-Iconkeep electrical appliances away from the tub

In The Kitchen

Checkmark-Iconmove plastic bags out of reach

Xmark-Iconput knives and other sharp objects up high

Checkmark-Iconstore cleaning fluids and chemicals in locked cabinets

Xmark-Iconput childproof locks on cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator

Checkmark-Iconturn pot handles away from edge of stove when cooking

Xmark-Icontake knobs off stove when not cooking


Checkmark-Iconkeep sharp gardening implements and tools out of reach

Xmark-Iconstore chemicals (fertilizer, oil, pesticides) in a locked cabinet

Checkmark-Iconput a fence around your yard to keep kids out of the road

Xmark-Iconput something soft under play set in case kids fall

Checkmark-Iconplug up openings of 3+ inches that could trap a child’s neck

Xmark-Iconput rubber or plastic tubing around swing chains

When You Have Infants

Checkmark-Iconhave people wash their hands before touching the baby for the first month

Xmark-Iconmake sure crib bedding fits securely to the edge of the crib

Checkmark-Iconcheck to make sure the slats on the crib are less than 3 inches apart

Xmark-Iconavoid pillows and stuffed animals in the crib — a smothering risk

Checkmark-Iconprop the baby on its back when sleeping

Xmark-Iconuse a stabilizer pillow to keep baby from rolling off of surfaces

Checkmark-Iconnever leave a child unattended on a changing table or in the bath

Xmark-Iconkeep toys with small pieces away from baby

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