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Choosing A Financial Institution

With financial institutions behaving so irresponsibly these days, it’s tempting to just keep your cash in a sock under the mattress. But with a little research, you can find a reliable and affordable bank that provides the services you need to manage your money and organize your finances.

Automated Tellers

Checkmark-Iconhow many automated teller machines does your bank have? where are they located?

Xmark-Icondo you have agreements with any other banks allowing use of their machines at no cost?

Checkmark-Icondo you reimburse other banks’ ATM fees if I use an out-of-network machine?

Xmark-Iconhow many free in-network ATM transactions are you allowed in a month?

Checkmark-Iconis there a fee if you go over this number? what is the fee?

Xmark-Iconis there a fee if you use out-of-network machines? what is the fee?

Checkmark-Iconcan you have an ATM card that is a check card? one that isn’t?

Checking And Savings Accounts

Xmark-Icondo you offer free checks? how many books and how often can I order?

Checkmark-Iconwhat kind of monthly service charges can I expect?

Xmark-Icondo you charge fees for writing or cashing a large number checks in a month? how many?

Checkmark-Icondo you charge fees for making counter deposits? how much?

Xmark-Icondo you offer free online account access? free online bill-pay?

Checkmark-Icondo you offer free overdraft protection? can you draft from my savings account or credit card?

Xmark-Iconcan I automatically link my checking and savings accounts?

Checkmark-Icondo you offer interest-bearing checking accounts? at what interest rate?

Xmark-Iconhow do you calculate interest on my account? do you compound interest on my daily balance?

Checkmark-Iconnote — beware of banks that calculate only monthly or on your lowest balance

Credit Cards

Xmark-Iconwhat is the annual percentage rate (APR)? what is the interest rate?

Checkmark-Iconis there an annual fee? will you waive it for new or long-time customers?

Xmark-Iconcan I carry a balance? or do I have to pay the card off each month?

Checkmark-Iconwhat is my credit limit? how often can I have it increased?

Xmark-Icondoes your card offer any rewards (cash back, frequent flyer miles, etc.)?

Checkmark-Icondo you charge a late payment fee? can I set up automatic payments to avoid this fee?

Xmark-Icondo you offer a payment grace period before charging interest? how long?

Checkmark-Icondo you charge a transaction fee for a cash advance?

Xmark-Icondo you charge a foreign transaction fee?

Checkmark-Icondo you charge an over-limit fee? will you automatically deny additional charges to avoid this fee?

Xmark-Iconare there any other service charges?

Fee-Reduction Strategies

Checkmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees if I keep a certain minimum balance in my account?

Xmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees for direct deposit?

Checkmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees for moving to electronic banking?

Xmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees if I have a loan with you?

Checkmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees if I have multiple accounts with you?

Xmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees if I don’t get my canceled checks back?

Checkmark-Icondo you reduce your monthly fees if I swap my paper statements for electronic?

Minimum Balance

Xmark-Iconhow much do I need to open an account?

Checkmark-Iconwhat balance must I keep to avoid a fee?

Xmark-Iconwhat is the fee if I go below that minimum?

Other Services

Checkmark-Icondo you offer traveler’s checks? what is the fee?

Xmark-Icondo you offer money orders? what is the fee?

Checkmark-Icondo you offer notary services? what is the fee?

Xmark-Icondo you offer certificates of deposit, money markets, or other savings vehicles?

Checkmark-Iconwhat other additional services do you offer?

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