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Choosing The Right Auto Mechanic

If you’re like most people, you’re hugely dependent on your car for transportation — so you need to know that the person caring for your automobile is a) qualified, and b) trustworthy. Ask these questions of your local mechanics, and you’ll get a pretty good sense of where they stand.

Beware Of…

Checkmark-Iconshops that offer both diagnostics and repair — serious conflict of interest

Xmark-Icona shop that grossly underbids — may use untrained labor and cheap parts

Checkmark-Iconmechanics that don’t take the time to show you what is wrong with your car

Xmark-Iconmechanics who don’t answer your questions or try to rush you

Checkmark-Iconmechanics who have a problem with you asking for a second opinion

Xmark-Icona shop that has to fix the same problem multiple times

Checkmark-Icona garage that is exceptionally filthy or disorderly

Xmark-Icona garage where you can’t see the work area from the waiting area

Checkmark-Icondealerships — they almost always overcharge for minor repairs

Get A Referral

Xmark-Icontalk to friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences

Checkmark-Iconask about the mechanic’s competence, reliability, and honesty

Xmark-Iconbut don’t take a referral at face value — this is just the first step

Checkmark-Iconheck the Better Business Bureau for complaints about that mechanic

Xmark-Iconalso find out how long the mechanic has been in business

Training Certifications

Checkmark-Iconalways choose an ASE-Certified mechanic

Xmark-Iconthis certification is given by the National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence

Checkmark-Iconit involves a voluntary testing procedure that weeds out low-level mechanics

Xmark-Iconlook for other certificates and ask what classes the mechanic attends to stay up-to-date

Checkmark-Icongood mechanics take classes a year to keep up with latest technology

What To Ask

Xmark-Iconwhat brand of replacement parts does your shop use?

Checkmark-Iconhow much will this repair cost? is that a guaranteed price?

Xmark-Iconif your prices are not guaranteed, how much can they deviate?

Checkmark-Icondo you offer a lifetime or 60,000 mile guarantee on your work?

Xmark-Iconcan I have a tour of the garage or even watch while my work is done?

Checkmark-Icondo you offer a loaner car while mine is being worked on?

Xmark-Iconhow long will it take to do this repair? do you guarantee that estimate?

You Have To Protect Yourself

Checkmark-Iconask for a second opinion if you think something is off or wrong

Xmark-Iconget a technical manual and learn the basic parts of your car

Checkmark-Iconask questions and ask to be shown exactly what isn’t working

Xmark-Iconask to see the diagnostic read-out if it isn’t a visible malfunction

Checkmark-Icontake your car to an independent diagnostic shop for a checkup

Xmark-Icondon’t let a tow-truck driver talk you into his “favorite” mechanic

Checkmark-Iconget a written estimate first before you authorize any repairs

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