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Choosing The Right Doctor

You doctor should be someone you trust completely — after all, you’re putting your life in his or her hands! You want a doctor who respects your time, is always looking out for your welfare, and really listens to your concerns. Here are a few tips for evaluating your doctor and his or her staff.

Credentials And Certifications

Checkmark-Iconwhere did you go to school? is it a reputable and accredited medical school?

Xmark-Icondid you complete 3 years of residency in your area of expertise?

Checkmark-Iconare you board-certified for the type of medicine you practice? is your re-certification up to date?

Xmark-Iconare your medical and drug licenses up-to-date?

Checkmark-Iconmay I have 5 references of current patients that I can contact?

Xmark-Iconuse the AMA’s “doctor finder” to check education and licensure

Checkmark-Iconcheck the American Board of Medical Specialties for board certification

Xmark-Iconhave you ever been involved in a malpractice suit?

Checkmark-Iconeach state’s board of medical licensure can provide you with information about malpractice suits

Items To Notice At Your First Appointment

Xmark-Icondoes the staff treat you well and make you feel comfortable?

Checkmark-Icondoes the office seem to function efficiently?

Xmark-Icondoes the doctor see you on time, or leave you waiting for your appointment?

Checkmark-Iconis the receptionist polite and helpful — both in person and on the phone?

Xmark-Iconis the office clean?

Checkmark-Icondoes the staff handle scheduling, referrals, and payment issues in a competent manner?

Payment And Insurance Questions

Xmark-Icondo you expect me to pay in full at the time of the visit?

Checkmark-Icondo you accept my current insurance?

Xmark-Iconwill you file a claim directly with my insurance company, or do I do it?

Checkmark-Icondo you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Xmark-Icondo you offer a discount for cash payment?

To Ask Your Physician

Checkmark-Iconwhat is your health care philosophy?

Xmark-Iconhow do you emphasize prevention in your practice?

Checkmark-Iconwhat are your office hours? are you available evenings, weekends, or holidays for emergencies?

Xmark-Iconwho will cover for you if I need care while you are out of the office?

Checkmark-Iconhow often do you recommend check ups? what tests do you normally order?

Xmark-Iconcan a family member come in with me during an examination?

Checkmark-Iconmay I tape record my visits and our discussions?

Xmark-Iconwhat are your thoughts on alternative and complementary therapies?

Your Doctor-Patient Relationship

Checkmark-Icondoes the doctor ask questions about your lifestyle and habits?

Xmark-Icondoes the doctor listen to you when you share your thoughts and concerns?

Checkmark-Icondoes the doctor look you in the eyes and connect with you?

Xmark-Icondoes your doctor adequately answer your medical and other questions?

Checkmark-Icondoes your doctor offer additional educational and support resources?

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