Christmas Timetable

When you wait until the last minute to shop for gifts, decorate the house, bake cookies, and send greeting cards — you are guaranteed to have a stressful holiday. But with a little planning and an early start, you can get it all done with plenty of time and energy to spare.

1 Year To 6 Months Before

Checkmark-Iconbegin developing a potential gift list — each family member’s wants, sizes, color preferences, etc.

Xmark-Iconshop ahead of time for gifts on sale throughout the year

Checkmark-Iconbookmark websites and cut pages from catalogs for gift ideas

Xmark-Iconstart looking for holiday travel ideas and deals on accommodations

August Or September

Checkmark-Iconset up a “gift center” — store wrap, tags, scissors, tape, and gifts all in one location

Xmark-Iconset up your address list on the computer to print labels for mailing gifts and cards

Checkmark-Iconfinalize your travel plans — have all tickets purchased, reservations made, itinerary laid out

By October

Xmark-Iconbuy holiday cards if you didn’t shop on sale after last Christmas

Checkmark-Iconif you are sending customized cards, design and order or print

Xmark-Iconorder copies of any photos you want to include with your cards

Early November

Checkmark-Iconset aside time to fill out holiday cards and write your annual letter

Xmark-Iconbuy stamps and other mailing supplies

Checkmark-Iconprint your address labels

Xmark-Iconplan menus for holiday meal and other parties

Checkmark-Iconcreate your supply lists for baking, entertaining, and special dinners

Late November

Xmark-Iconassemble and mail your cards — go to a coffee shop for the afternoon and make it fun

Checkmark-Iconfinish up any last-minute gift shopping and begin wrapping gifts

Xmark-Icondecide which holiday traditions you will skip this year — schedule in those activities that are a priority

Checkmark-Iconstart unpacking lights, ornaments, etc. — begin putting up household decorations

Xmark-Iconbegin shopping for baking, cooking, and entertaining supplies

Start Of December

Checkmark-Iconorganize your social calendar for the month

Xmark-Iconmail Christmas cards

Checkmark-Icondecorate the Christmas tree

Xmark-Iconfinish shopping for baking, cooking, and entertaining supplies

Checkmark-Iconmail gifts to out-of-town friends and family

Xmark-Iconbake cookies or other holiday goodies

Throughout The Holidays

Checkmark-Iconenjoy the season!

When Christmas Is Over

Xmark-Iconreview cards you received to update your address list

Checkmark-Iconpack up your decorations

Xmark-Iconmake note of recipes you particularly enjoyed this year

Checkmark-Iconreview what worked and what didn’t this holiday — make note of what you will change next year

Xmark-Iconshop for wrap, cards, decorations, and gifts for next year on sale

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