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Clutter Control Checklist

Some folks treat decluttering like the organizational equivalent of having a root canal, behaving as if the sheer act of making decisions about their stuff is causing them physical pain — but clearing the decks doesn’t have to be that damn hard! Anyone can do it — with a little patience, a little stamina, a WHOLE lot of coffee, and a logically-devised plan of attack. Here are some tips for creating a well-defined set of guidelines for what to keep/toss, as well as a more efficient way of storing everything that’s left:

Making Progress, Avoiding Overwhelm

Checkmark-Iconstart with the issue that causes you the greatest pain — what annoys you most every day?

Xmark-Iconcreate a list of areas you want to declutter in order of priority, with a deadline for completing each

Checkmark-Iconfind the organizing style and pace that suit you — there is no “right” or “wrong” way to declutter

Xmark-Icontry to tackle one small area at a time (a drawer, a cabinet, a shelf, a section of a closet)

Checkmark-Iconset aside time each week to work on a different task — even a few minutes can make a difference

Xmark-Iconmove systematically from space to space — completely finish one before beginning another

Checkmark-Iconrecruit some free organizing “assistants” (friends, family, neighbors who’ll work for pizza and beer)

Xmark-Iconconsider hiring an organizer if you get stuck or are having trouble choosing the right systems

It’s Time For A Serious Reality Check

Checkmark-Iconwhen was the last time you used it? — think of a recent instance where you pulled this item out

Xmark-Iconwhen will you (realistically) use it again? — why would you need it? for what purpose?

Checkmark-Iconwho might request it? — imagine a specific situation where someone would ask you for this thing

Xmark-Iconis it easily replaceable? — if the answer is “yes,” does that make it easier to let it go?

Checkmark-Iconwhat’s the worst thing that would happen if you got rid of it? — let your imagination run wild

Xmark-Iconis it beautiful, useful, or loved? — and if not, why are you keeping it?

Get Organized Before You Get Organized

Checkmark-Iconstart with the end in mind — know what you want from your storage from the very beginning

Xmark-Iconis your goal to maximize space? see everything you own? cut down on cleaning?

Checkmark-Iconmake sure each storage decision meets these goals

Xmark-Iconcollect up everything (EVERYTHING) that needs to live together before you sort/purge

Checkmark-Iconinventory your space so you understand exactly how much room you have available

Xmark-Iconmake decluttering easier by doing a quick sweep of your spaces, discarding obvious trash first

Stop Deluding Yourself

Checkmark-Iconexcuse — “It was expensive.”

Xmark-Iconreality — keeping it isn’t going to get your money back (the only thing that will do that is selling it)

Checkmark-Iconexcuse — “I might need it someday.”

Xmark-Iconreality — if you haven’t used it in the past year, what makes you think you’ll use it in the next?

Checkmark-Iconexcuse — “It was a gift.”

Xmark-Iconreality — once you receive a present from someone else, it’s yours to do with as you see fit

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Checkmark-Iconset up several cardboard boxes or trash bags as you go through each storage area

Xmark-Iconlabel the first box “keep” — for those things that you love and use all the time

Checkmark-Iconsort your “keeps” into different boxes for each area, so you can get them back where they belong

Xmark-Iconlabel the second box “get rid of” — for stuff you don’t use, don’t care about, and no longer want

Checkmark-Iconthrow anything that can’t be repaired or salvaged by others in the trash or recycle bin

Xmark-Iconput mean-nothing-to-me-but-someone-else-could-use-them items in a “donate” or “give away” box

Checkmark-Icontoss valuable discards into a “sell” box to consign, put in a yard sale, or list online

Xmark-Iconlabel another box “not sure” — for stuff you don’t know if you want but aren’t ready to let go of

Checkmark-Icontape up the “not sure” box, label with the date and contents, and put in the garage/basement

Xmark-Iconmake a note in your calendar to check back in 6-12 months — if the box is unopened, get rid of it

Xmark-Iconlabel a box “need to buy” — for belongings you would use if not for their missing parts

Checkmark-Iconlabel a box “need to repair” — for items that require some work before they can serve a purpose

Xmark-Iconlabel a box “to return” — for stuff that isn’t yours, and should go back to its rightful owner

Getting Things Back Where They Belong

Checkmark-Iconcreate a set home for everything you own — no halfway spots or “I’ll just put it here for now”

Xmark-Iconstore like items together according to purpose — sporting goods, office supplies, cookware, etc.

Checkmark-Icondon’t forget related accessories (travel alarm, A/C adapter, and toiletry bag with your luggage)

Xmark-Iconkeep things nearest the point of use — consider owning multiples if you use it in several places

Checkmark-Iconput stuff you get at regularly in accessible spaces — what you need less in harder-to-reach areas

Xmark-Iconpay attention to climate (heat, cold, moisture, and insects)

Checkmark-Icondon’t store things in an attic or garage if they stand any risk of becoming damaged

Xmark-Iconleave 15% of your space free for future additions — when you bring more home, clean some out

Checkmark-Iconplan to go through your storage to “purge” once a year

Xmark-Iconhave a good reason for locating an item in a certain place — your system should make sense

Stuff For Your Stuff

Checkmark-Iconstick with see-through containers whenever possible — unless you’re specifically hiding your stuff

Xmark-Iconlabel every enclosed receptacle so you know what’s in it without opening the lid

Checkmark-Iconuse drawer trays, racks, baskets, and shelves to subdivide larger storage areas

Xmark-Iconreclaim wasted hanging space on walls and doors with hooks, pegs, and racks

Checkmark-Iconmake use of low space beneath furniture and on the floor of closets with under-bed boxes

Xmark-Iconchoose modular components that can expand/adjust as your needs change

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