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College Planning Checklist

Applying to college is exciting, if a little nerve-wracking. You can help your prospective freshman organize the school search with this checklist — covering issues like the securing of recommendations, financial aid, campus visits, and what to do with all of the attendant paperwork and documentation.

College Considerations

Checkmark-Iconlocation — near home, long-distance

Xmark-Iconcost (both in-state and out-of state, classes, fees, housing)

Checkmark-Iconavailable majors and areas of specialization

Xmark-Icondistinctions and awards

Checkmark-Iconsize and makeup of student body

Xmark-Iconentrance requirements

Checkmark-Iconacademic record of incoming freshmen and graduates

Xmark-Iconextra-curricular and campus activities

Checkmark-Iconfinancial aid options and scholarships

Financial Aid Tips

Xmark-Iconinitially, don’t rule schools out because of cost

Checkmark-Iconmore expensive schools often give more financial aid

Xmark-Iconresearch school-based scholarships and grants

Checkmark-Iconresearch options based on gender, major, ethnicity, etc.

Xmark-Iconresearch scholarships, grants, and work study

Checkmark-Iconbegin applying for scholarships as you send in admissions

Xmark-Iconthe FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) determines eligibility

Checkmark-Iconfile the FAFSA as soon as possible after Jan 1 of your senior year

Xmark-Icon4-6 weeks after submitting, you will receive Student Aid Report

Checkmark-IconSAR summarizes your info and Expected Family Contribution

Xmark-Iconif you are asked for, you will need to submit W-2’s and 1099’s

Checkmark-Iconapply for student loans if still need assistance

Xmark-Iconmay receive your first bill for tuition before school starts

Checkmark-Iconask about payment plans for first payment, rather than lump sum

Xmark-Iconyou will need to reapply for financial aid each year

Junior Year Of High School

Checkmark-Icontalk to your guidance counselor about entrance requirements

Xmark-Iconreview your current studies and plan for appropriate senior classes

Checkmark-Iconbegin thinking about what majors and careers interest you

Xmark-Icondecide on a list of schools that meet your personal criteria

Checkmark-Iconrequest detailed information and applications for each school

Xmark-Iconset up a “college information” file for each school

Checkmark-Iconinclude checklists for each school’s application requirements

Xmark-Iconmake copies of applications and file before submitting

Checkmark-Iconkeep copies of all correspondence in college file

Xmark-Iconschedule appointments for open houses and visits with college reps

Checkmark-Iconpick your first date to take the SAT and ACT — April, May, or June

Xmark-Iconplan appointments to visit your top two or three college campuses

Checkmark-Iconstart working out a realistic college budget

Senior Year Of High School

Xmark-Iconexamine your funding sources and start researching financial aid

Checkmark-Iconbegin working on your essay

Xmark-Iconput together your personal and academic resume

Checkmark-Iconrequest transcripts from guidance office

Xmark-Iconbegin applying the day after Labor Day

Checkmark-Icondevelop a time table of admissions deadlines

Xmark-Iconobtain scholarship and financial aid information — including FAFSA

Checkmark-Iconsend out financial aid applications right after first of year

Xmark-Iconmail off FAFSA form by March 1

Checkmark-Iconschedule college and scholarship interviews as required

Xmark-Iconadd interview dates to your time table

Checkmark-Iconmake your final selection and accept college and financial aid offer

Xmark-Iconinform all colleges of your decision

Checkmark-Icontalk to representative of chosen college about housing and classes

Vital College-Planning Paperwork

Xmark-Iconletters of reference

Checkmark-Iconcopies of each application

Xmark-Iconfinancial aid applications

Checkmark-Iconfinancial aid supporting documentation

Xmark-Iconletters of acceptance or rejection

Checkmark-Iconstandardized test scores

Xmark-Iconschool transcripts

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