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Document Locator Checklist

If something were to happen to you — emergency, illness, disability, death — could you easily lay your hands on your most vital documents? If one of your family members needed to retrieve your birth certificate or insurance policies for you, could they? Be sure you can answer “yes” to this question.

A Document Locator — What Is It?

Checkmark-Icona document locator is a list of where your vital records are stored

Xmark-Iconmakes things easier on your loved ones in a time of emergency or death

Checkmark-Iconincludes the location of each item — address, directions, and important contact info

Xmark-Iconhelps others take care of your affairs for you if you are incapacitated

Banking Records



Checkmark-Iconlist of accounts

Xmark-Iconstatements and canceled checks

Checkmark-Iconcheckbook and passbook

Xmark-Iconsafe deposit box and key

Business Paperwork

Checkmark-Iconincorporation papers

Xmark-Iconcontracts and agreements

Checkmark-Iconcomputer backup

Xmark-Icontrademarks, patents, copyrights, and licenses







Xmark-Iconinsurance agent

Checkmark-Iconfinancial adviser and investment broker


Deeds, Titles, And Registrations

Checkmark-Icontitle insurance


Checkmark-Iconhome inventory


Family Records

Checkmark-Iconbirth certificates

Xmark-Iconadoption papers

Checkmark-Iconguardianship and custody documents

Xmark-Iconsocial security cards

Checkmark-Iconproof of citizenship

Xmark-Iconmarriage license

Checkmark-Icondivorce decree

Xmark-Iconmilitary service records

Checkmark-Iconpersonal paperwork

Funeral Instructions

Xmark-Iconburial or cremation instructions

Checkmark-Iconcemetery plot deeds


Checkmark-Icongrave marker



Checkmark-Iconother death benefits

Xmark-Iconproperty and casualty


Xmark-Iconhomeowners or renters


Investment Paperwork



Xmark-Iconstock and bonds

Checkmark-Iconmutual funds

Xmark-Iconretirement plan



Legal Documents


Xmark-Iconpowers of attorney

Checkmark-Icontrust documents

Xmark-Icontrust documents

Checkmark-Iconspecial bequests

Xmark-Iconsafe combination

What To Store Where

Checkmark-Iconoriginals of vital documents should go in a safe or safe deposit box

Xmark-Iconanything that would be difficult to replace if everything you own is destroyed

Checkmark-Iconex: birth certificates, insurance policies, stock certificates, etc.

Xmark-Iconkeep copies in your home file for quick reference

Checkmark-Iconbe careful about storing end-of-life documents in a safe deposit box

Xmark-Iconbox may be sealed upon your death and hard for relatives to access

Checkmark-Iconbetter to keep in a home fire safe or give copies to executor and attorney

Xmark-Icontake everything out of your wallet and copy it front and back — put copy in safe deposit box

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