Eliminating Junk Mail

Junk mail is a modern-day plague — no vaccine will protect you from it. But there are steps you can take to cut down on the amount of unsolicited mail you receive — if not entirely eliminate it. It does take a bit of patience and perseverance — but it’s well worth the effort.

A Look At How Junk Mail Gets Started

Checkmark-Iconyou make a purchase or register with a company for a service

Xmark-Iconyour name is added to that company’s customer list

Checkmark-Iconyour contact information is sold or rented to a list broker

Xmark-Iconname can then be sold to literally hundreds of organizations

Checkmark-Iconeach organization may send you unwanted mail and add you to another list

Credit Reporting Agencies

Xmark-Icongather information that lenders use to decide your credit-worthiness

Checkmark-Iconsell your name to banks and credit card companies for “pre-approved” offers

Xmark-Iconcontact each credit bureau directly asking to “opt out” of this practice

Checkmark-IconExperian — 800-353-0809

Xmark-IconEquifax — 800-755-3502

Checkmark-IconTransUnion — 800-345-2349

Xmark-Iconyou can get off lists for “Val Pak” coupons and other impersonal junk mail

Checkmark-IconADVO Inc. List Service — 239 W. Service Road, Hartford, CT 06120

Xmark-IconCox Direct Operations — 6030 N. US 301, Elm City, NC 27822

Checkmark-IconCarol Wright Gifts — 340 Applecreek Road, Lincoln, NE 68528-1501

Xmark-IconHarte Hanks Direct Marketing — 100 Alco Place, Baltimore, MD 21227-2090

Checkmark-IconMoney Mailer — 14271 Corporate Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Xmark-IconVal-Pak Coupons Address Info. — 8575 Largo Lakes Drive, Largo, FL 33773

Direct Marketing Association

Checkmark-Iconsponsor’s the “Mail Preference Service”

Xmark-Iconask to have your name removed from their marketing lists

Checkmark-Iconinclude all permutations and misspellings of your name and address

Xmark-Iconthis “delete” list is distributed to major direct marketers 4 times a year

Checkmark-Iconsend a postcard to DMA — PO Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Xmark-Iconor visit www.dmaconsumers.org

Junk Mail From Unexpected Places

Checkmark-Iconwarranty cards often go to list brokers rather than the manufacturer

Xmark-Icondon’t return warranty cards — your warranty is good without them

Checkmark-Iconcredit cards let other companies send promotions to their card holders

Xmark-Iconask to opt out of these and even in-house mailing besides your bill

Checkmark-Iconsigning up for store scanner “discount cards” adds you to more mailing lists

Xmark-Iconcontact current magazine subscription and ask to “opt out” from their lists

Checkmark-Iconcompanies who sell and rent lists of potential consumers

Xmark-Iconcontact them and ask to deleted from their mail and telemarketing lists

Checkmark-IconPolk List Order Services Opt Out — 1621-18th Street, Denver, CO 80202

Xmark-IconDonnelly Marketing Name Supression Service — P.O. Box 3502, Ames, IA 50010-3502

Checkmark-IconList Services Corp. — 6 Trowbridge Drive Box 516, Bethel, CT 06801

Xmark-IconMetromail Corp. Consumer Services — 901 W. Bond, Lincoln, NE 68521

Checkmark-IconDatabase America Compilation — 100 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645

Xmark-IconWalter Karl Consumer List Mgmt. — 1 American Lane, Greenwich, CT 06831

Checkmark-IconDun & Bradstreet — 899 Eaton Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18025-9922

Xmark-IconUS postal service sells change of address lists to marketers

Checkmark-Iconincludes a list of “licensed parties” — all sales and marketing depts.

Xmark-Iconcan ask to have your name removed from the NCOA database

Checkmark-Iconinclude your name, old address, and new address in your request

Xmark-IconNCOA Customer Support — 6060 Primacy Pkwy. #101, Memphis, TN 38188

Checkmark-Iconcheck the box for “temporary move” and set time frame for 364 days

Xmark-Icononly permanent address changes go in database

Some Unorthodox Approaches

Checkmark-Iconwrite “return to sender” on first class junk mail and put back in box

Xmark-Iconsimply refuse any piece of junk mail and the post office must deal with it

Checkmark-Iconput the junk mail in the company’s postage-paid return envelope

Xmark-Iconinclude a note saying “stop sending me your junk”

Checkmark-Iconmail it back to them at their expense

Xmark-Iconask to “opt out” anytime you give someone your contact information

Checkmark-Iconuse the words “please do not rent, sell, share, or trade my name”

Xmark-Iconask that your name be put on an “in-house” list only

Checkmark-Icondon’t give out your contact information unless it is absolutely necessary

Xmark-Iconthat means stop signing up for contests, giveaways, “send me more info”, and samples

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