Garage Sale Checklist

When you have a lot of items to sell — household goods, clothes, toys, tools, things that everyone can use — a garage sale is an affordable and effective way to make a little cash as you clean out. But a successful yard sale involves more than putting out a few tables and some signs…

Begin By Preparing Your Sale Items

Checkmark-Iconsort items into logical categories — kitchen, books, kids, clothes, etc.

Xmark-Iconclean and repair items as you go — it’s worth the time and you can get a higher price

Checkmark-Iconprice items and label with a description when applicable

Xmark-Icongenerally, you can sell items for 25-50% what you paid for them if in excellent condition

Checkmark-Iconthe price goes down from there for older or more worn items

Xmark-Iconbe sure to have “try-before-you-buy” accessories — extension cords, batteries, bulbs, etc.

Clarify Yard Sale Regulations

Checkmark-Iconcall your city or county government to find out the local yard sale regulations

Xmark-Iconfind out if you need a permit to hold a yard sale in your area

Checkmark-Iconfind out about “signage” rules — acceptable size, shape, and placement

Xmark-Iconsome cities require signs to be so many feet from the road

Checkmark-Iconsome cities prohibit signs anywhere but your yard

Decide On Your Advertising Methods

Xmark-Iconcall your local newspaper for prices and deadlines — don’t forget “free” and local papers

Checkmark-Iconinclude the date, time, address, directions, and items of interest

Xmark-Iconrun your newspaper ad at least one day before and the day of your sale

Checkmark-Iconinclude ads in online listing services like Craigslist

Xmark-Iconalso check out dedicated yardsale sites — free listings only

Checkmark-Iconplan to put out flyers in local stores, laundromats, and churches

Xmark-Iconsend out an e-mail letting all of your local contacts know that you’re having a sale

Determine Your Yard Sale Policies

Checkmark-Iconset the length of your sale — how many days and which hours

Xmark-Iconweekend sales get the most traffic — multi-day sales can expand your buyer base

Checkmark-Icondecide if you will allow early birds

Xmark-Icondecide if you will accept checks cash only

Checkmark-Icondecide if you will hold items for people to come back later — pay first, put a deposit, or not

Xmark-Icondecide if you will let people into your home — for the phone, restroom, etc.

Don’t Forget To Ask For Help

Checkmark-Iconrecruit a few helpers to assist with the sale

Xmark-Iconcan invite friends or family to help with sorting and pricing before the sale

Checkmark-Iconneed at least 2 people to stay the length of the sale to answer questions, check people out, etc.

Xmark-Icongood to have some assistance cleaning up after the sale, too

Checkmark-Iconmake arrangements for a charity to pick up your leftovers

Multi-Family Sales

Xmark-Iconask friends, neighbors, and family to join in — or consider a church, school, scout, or other group sale

Checkmark-Iconhave each participant mark his or her items differently — different color tags, initials on the tag, etc.

Xmark-Iconkeep track of each person’s sales in a notebook

Checkmark-Icontracking option 1 — remove the sticker from the item and put on that person’s page

Xmark-Icontracking option 2 — write down each person’s sales on their list as you check out customers

Checkmark-Iconmore sellers equals more stuff to sell — more attractive to buyers, leads to more traffic

Putting Up Signs

Xmark-Iconput posters at major intersections and along your road

Checkmark-Iconchoose a bright sign (white or yellow) with black lettering — high contrast, easy-to-read

Xmark-Iconwrite in large, thick block lettering for better visibility

Checkmark-Iconinclude your address and arrows — don’t worry about directions

Xmark-Iconput up a sign at every major turn if it’s not a straight shot to your house

Checkmark-Iconinclude the days and hours of the sale

Xmark-Iconput a big sign with balloons on your mailbox to let them know where to stop

Setting Up Your Checkout Area

Checkmark-Iconput together a “cash box” with plenty of change — at least $20 in coins, $50 in ones, $40 in fives

Xmark-Iconcreate a list of “minimum prices” you will accept for each item

Checkmark-Iconexplain how low you’re willing to go to any “helpers” so they can negotiate with buyers on your behalf

Xmark-Iconmake sure you have plenty of “checkout” items — bags, tissue or newspaper to wrap fragile items, etc.

Checkmark-Iconput your checkout area near the natural exit from your sale

Xmark-Iconset up a table and a couple of chairs — you’ll be there a while!

Setting Up Your Sale Area

Checkmark-Iconmake sure nothing is blocking foot-traffic flow — people should be able to move easily between tables

Xmark-Icondisplay like and complementary items together — all cookware in one place, toys in another, etc.

Checkmark-Iconit’s like the departments in a store — think about grocery and discount stores

Xmark-Iconmake sure everything is clearly visible — shoppers shouldn’t have to dig through boxes or piles

Checkmark-Iconuse racks, tables, hangers, tree limbs, ladders, porch railing — whatever you have for display

Timeline — One Week Before The Sale

Xmark-Iconput up flyers in public areas around town

Checkmark-Iconplace your newspaper ad

Xmark-Icongather your yard sale supplies

Checkmark-Iconprice and sort your merchandise

Xmark-Iconget change at the bank

Checkmark-Iconconfirm your yard sale “helpers”

Xmark-Iconfind a charity to pick up your leftovers

Timeline — The Day Before The Sale

Checkmark-Iconput up directional signs around your neighborhood

Xmark-Iconblock off any areas you don’t want shoppers to enter

Checkmark-Iconget a good night’s sleep

Timeline — The Day Of The Sale

Xmark-Iconstart setting up 1-2 hours before the sale is scheduled to start

Checkmark-Iconput one person in charge of the cash box — never leave it unguarded

Xmark-Iconhave fun — let your kids sell snacks and play some peppy music!

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