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Home Maintenance Timetable

Do you know when to change your furnace filter? How often you should have your plumbing inspected for leaks? What’s the best time of year to clean your gutters and downspouts? Even if you don’t, that’s okay. Use this checklist to keep your home in good shape all through the year.

During The Fall

Checkmark-Iconremove window air conditioners

Xmark-Iconchange the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Checkmark-Iconinspect the seals on windows and doors

Xmark-Iconinspect joints in ceramic tile and caulk around tub and sink

Checkmark-Iconinspect unvented gas heaters for proper ventilation

Xmark-Iconhave your heating system serviced

Checkmark-Iconinspect for and repair any plumbing leaks

Xmark-Iconreplace the filters in your heating system

During The Spring

Checkmark-Iconinspect the attic, ceilings, and roof overhang for water damage

Xmark-Iconreplace the filters in your air conditioning system

Checkmark-Iconinspect walls and masonry for cracks and subsidence

Xmark-Iconinspect paint for wear or cracking

Checkmark-Iconchange the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Xmark-Iconinspect the seals on windows and doors

Checkmark-Iconinspect windows for broken glass and screens — clean screens

Xmark-Iconinspect exposed wiring and cords for wear and fraying

Checkmark-Iconhave your air conditioning system serviced

Xmark-Iconinspect your basement for leaks, moisture, termites, and wood rot

Checkmark-Iconinspect door, window frames, siding, and trim for cracks

During The Summer

Xmark-Iconinspect the roof for damage or loose shingles

Checkmark-Iconinspect the driveway and walkways for cracks and settling

Xmark-Icondrain the water and sediment from your hot water heater

Checkmark-Iconreplace the water in your hot water heater

Xmark-Icontest the pressure valve on your hot water heater

Checkmark-Iconcheck to make sure water heater vent is not blocked

Xmark-Iconhave your gutters and downspouts cleaned out

Checkmark-Iconplug leaks along the seams and corners of your gutters

During The Winter

Xmark-Iconhave your gutters and downspouts cleaned out

Checkmark-Iconplug leaks along the seams and corners of your gutters

Xmark-Iconinspect and repair your home’s sump pump

Checkmark-Iconoil door locks and hinges and tighten doorknob and hinge screws

Xmark-Iconinspect the attic for pests — birds, rodents, insects

Checkmark-Iconinspect around your property for wasp nests and remove

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