Home Safety Checklist

Keeping your family safe doesn’t mean getting all crazy-paranoid — hiring armed bodyguards or keeping rabid pit-bulls as pets. Just be smart, use some common sense, and follow this step-by-step checklist — your family will be well protected against injury, burglary, or attack.

Avoiding Household Accidents

Checkmark-Iconfasten carpet edges and tuck cords away to avoid falls

Xmark-Iconlock poisonous items away where children can’t reach them

Checkmark-Iconput non-skid mats or appliqus in tubs and showers

Xmark-Iconalways clearly label household cleaners and chemicals

Checkmark-Iconinstall at least one smoke detector on every floor

Xmark-Iconkeep several fire extinguishers throughout the house

Checkmark-Iconuse shatter-proof glass on all windows and shower doors

Xmark-Iconuse ground-fault circuit interrupters with your outlets

Checkmark-Iconput a fence around your pool to keep children out

Xmark-Iconmake sure all stairways have adequate lighting and handrails

Checkmark-Iconwipe up spills immediately and salt walkways when it freezes

Xmark-Iconuse night lights to help prevent falls

Burglar-Proofing Your Home

Checkmark-Iconlock doors and windows at night and when you aren’t home

Xmark-Iconinstall dead-bolts and pick-proof locks

Checkmark-Iconput in motion-detector lights around your house

Xmark-Iconinstall window bars or a home alarm system

Checkmark-Iconcreate a barrier under windows with prickly shrubs

Xmark-Iconmake sure your home exterior is well lit with no deep shadows

Checkmark-Iconput a piece of wood in the track of sliding windows and doors

Xmark-Iconjoin your local neighborhood watch

Checkmark-Iconset timers for lights, TV, and radio when you aren’t home

Xmark-Iconkeep expensive items where they can’t be seen from outside

Checkmark-Iconhide valuables in an unusual places — freezer, false wall outlet, bathroom

Xmark-Iconconsider buying a home safe for smaller valuables

Checkmark-Icondon’t hide keys in a planter or under the door mat

Xmark-Iconlet someone you trust know when you will be gone

Checkmark-Iconsuspend your subscription or have your newspapers picked up if you’re not home

Xmark-Icondon’t leave a note for visitors — leave a voice message

Checkmark-Iconhave a neighbor accept package deliveries when you go on vacation

Xmark-Iconinform the police and neighborhood watch when you will be gone

Checkmark-Iconleave a car parked in your driveway when you’re out of town

Xmark-Iconhire a house sitter to stay in your home when you’re out of town

Childproofing Your House

Checkmark-Iconget down on your hands and knees to detect child-sized hazards

Xmark-Iconplace outlet covers on all empty electrical outlets

Checkmark-Iconshorten drape and blind cords when not in use

Xmark-Iconinstall window guards or locks

Checkmark-Iconuse gates to keep kids out of any “off-limits” rooms

Xmark-Iconinstall gates at the top and bottom of stairs

Checkmark-Iconstore medicines in childproof containers and in locked cabinets

Xmark-Iconput childproof locks on cabinets

Checkmark-Iconclose and lock each toilet lid

Xmark-Iconput a fence around your yard to keep kids out of the road

Checkmark-Iconplug up openings of 3+ inches that could trap a child’s neck

Personal Safety

Xmark-Iconfind out who it is before opening the front door

Checkmark-Iconmake sure you have a wide-angle peephole

Xmark-Iconhave your keys our before you approach your front door

Checkmark-Iconstay alert to your surroundings when entering your home

Xmark-Iconbe particularly wary when coming home alone or at night

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