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Hotel Reservation Checklist

Getting a good hotel room involves a little bit more than finding the best price on Hotwire (I can say this from personal experience.) And this is doubly true in foreign countries where you might not be able to get a personal recommendation. Here are some questions to ask about your potential lodgings.

Basic Information

Checkmark-Icondoes the hotel allow pets? what size?

Xmark-Icondoes the hotel offer non-smoking rooms?

Checkmark-Iconhow much is the room tax?

Xmark-Iconis the front desk staffed 24 hours a day?

Checkmark-Iconwhat is check in time? check out time?

Xmark-Iconwhat is the fee for local calls?

Checkmark-Iconwhat is the hotel’s cancellation policy?

Xmark-Iconwhat is the policy for late check in?

Finding A Deal

Checkmark-Iconask for the extended stay discount for long trips

Xmark-Iconask if they offer discounts — corporate, AAA, senior, etc.

Checkmark-Iconif there is a lower advertised rate, ask for that rate

Xmark-Iconshop for internet discounts and web-only rates

Checkmark-Icontravel agents can often get better deals

Hotel Amenities

Xmark-Iconare there business facilities — fax, internet, copier, etc.?

Checkmark-Icondoes the hotel have a restaurant or cafe?

Xmark-Icondoes the room have a private bath?

Checkmark-Iconis there a phone in the room?

Xmark-Iconis there a playground or other children’s facilities?

Checkmark-Iconis there a pool or other recreational facilities?

Making Reservations

Xmark-Iconcheck your confirmation for errors as soon as you receive it

Checkmark-Icondouble check your reservations before leaving

Xmark-Icongive someone your itinerary — arrival, departure, hotel

Checkmark-Iconmake reservations with a credit card in case you have problems

Xmark-Iconread travel insurance policies carefully for exclusions

Checkmark-Icontravel insurance will protect you if trip canceled

Safety Tips

Xmark-Iconask for a room not on the first floor

Checkmark-Iconcheck the fire escape route upon arrival

Xmark-Icondoors opening into interior hallways are safer

Checkmark-Iconfind out what the neighborhood is like

Xmark-Iconhang the “do not disturb” sign and leave TV on when gone

Checkmark-Iconmake sure there is a deadbolt on all exterior doors

Xmark-Iconresearch photos on the internet and in travel guides

Checkmark-Iconstay away from hotels with numbers on the keys

Xmark-Iconuse the hotel main entrance after dark

Checkmark-Iconuse the hotel safe for valuables

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    Hotel room inspection is the first and foremost thing one should do before hotel booking to avoid falling into hotel scams. And this checklist for hotel inspection is very beneficial in this concern.

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