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Household Inventory Checklist

If any of your belongings are ever stolen, damaged by acts of god, or destroyed by a natural disaster — well, good luck collecting your claim! (Just kidding — not all insurance policies are written in blood, and not all agents have a core made of pure evil.) But it can still be a challenge to get full and timely compensation for your loss without a lot of headbutting. However, you’re definitely more likely to walk away satisfied if you can produce a household inventory, listing all of your possessions and their value.

A Household Inventory — What For?

Checkmark-Iconin case of theft, disaster, terrorist attack, act of god, sharknado, or other substantial property loss

Xmark-Iconyou’ll need to prove what you owned to file a successful claim with your insurance company

Checkmark-Iconyou also have to show each item’s value and condition to be accurately reimbursed

If You Own It, Document It

Xmark-Icongo from room to room, photographing or videotaping everything

Checkmark-Iconopen each cabinet, drawer, closet, and container for a close-up shot

Xmark-Iconalso take individual pictures of valuables

Checkmark-Iconinclude serial numbers on electronics and appliances — either take pictures or create a list

Xmark-Icondon’t forget larger items in your garage/basement or outbuildings (tools, sport stuff, vehicles)

Checkmark-Iconhave rare, super-spendy, and potentially-appreciable treasures independently appraised

Xmark-Iconstore receipts and appraisals for high-end purchases with your inventory

Checkmark-Iconif you don’t have a receipt, write a description (including brand name, purchase date, and price)

Comprehensive Means Including Everything

Xmark-Iconclothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry

Checkmark-Iconhousehold furnishings, home decor, and fixtures

Xmark-Icongames, toys, exercise machines, and recreational equipment

Checkmark-Iconkitchenware, appliances, and cooking implements

Xmark-Iconglassware, cutlery, dishes, and other tableware

Checkmark-Iconbooks, CDs, DVDs, and other media

Xmark-Iconlawn care items, tools, and outdoor equipment

Checkmark-Iconstuff stored away in your basement, garage, or attic

Xmark-Iconpersonal belongings, memorabilia, and family heirlooms

Checkmark-Iconantiques, art, and collectibles

Xmark-Iconvehicles — cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, and ATVs

Checkmark-Iconholiday decorations and seasonal items

Xmark-Iconoutdoor improvements — decks, outbuildings, and landscaping

Checkmark-Iconanything else that you own

Don’t Take Your Own Word For It — Ask An Appraiser

Xmark-Iconartwork (paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture)

Checkmark-Iconantiques, oriental rugs, and expensive household furnishings

Xmark-Iconhigh-end jewelry and furs

Checkmark-Iconrare stamp/coin collections, along with any other collectibles

Xmark-Iconsilver tableware, serving pieces, and decorative items

Checkmark-Iconany other valuable or irreplaceable items

No One’s Going To Cover Your Ass For You

Xmark-Iconstore your original inventory in a fire safe or safe deposit box

Checkmark-Iconyou can also give a copy to your agent, accountant, will executor, or a trusted family member

Xmark-Iconkeep a copy of any applicable insurance policies with the original inventory

Checkmark-Iconwhen you acquire something new, add a photo and a copy of the receipt to your documentation

Xmark-Iconreview and update your inventory yearly — checking for changes and additions

Checkmark-Iconprepare an aggregate estimated value for all of your belongings

Xmark-Iconincrease your property liability insurance limits, if necessary

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