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Keeping Safe While Away From Home

When you head out on a trip, what kinds of precautions do you take to protect your person and your property? I’ll bet you think that illness, lost luggage, and threats of theft or violence are unavoidable — well you’re wrong! There are steps you can take to be safe away from home.

Financial Security

Checkmark-Iconcheck your credit card policies and limits before traveling

Xmark-Iconbuy traveler’s checks

Checkmark-Iconkeep your wallet and currency in a front pocket or money belt

Xmark-Iconpay any bills that will come due while you are gone

Checkmark-Iconkeep receipts until credit card bill and bank drafts have cleared

Xmark-Iconbe aware that some ATM cards cannot be used in foreign countries

Checkmark-Iconuse a credit card rather than an ATM card when traveling

Xmark-Iconknow that credit card “charge back” policies are different overseas

Checkmark-Icondon’t take blank checks with you

Health Matters

Xmark-Iconcarry your ID and medical info in case you get sick or injured

Checkmark-Iconcheck your health insurance coverage before leaving

Xmark-Iconmake sure your insurance covers illness away from home

Checkmark-Iconfind out the procedures for seeking care in another state or country

Xmark-Iconfind out if you need additional vaccinations for your travels

Checkmark-Iconstart vaccination schedule early enough to be effective for your trip

Xmark-Iconwear long sleeves and use bug repellant if mosquitoes a problem

Checkmark-Iconuse bottled water and avoid ice cubes if local water questionable

Xmark-Iconavoid any foods washed in local unsafe water that aren’t cooked

Checkmark-Iconswim in chlorinated pools unless you know the water to be safe

Xmark-Iconeat raw fruits and vegetables only if you can peel them

Checkmark-Iconbring minor first aid items, pain reliever, anti-diarrheal, etc.

Xmark-Iconeat raw fruits and vegetables only if you can peel them

Personal Possessions

Checkmark-Icondon’t take anything with you that you fear losing

Xmark-Icondon’t take anything that you really don’t need

Checkmark-Iconleave behind unnecessary items in your wallet or purse

Xmark-Iconstore valuables in hotel safe once you arrive

Checkmark-Iconkeep valuable documents and possessions close to you

Xmark-Iconuse a money belt for valuable documents and currency

Checkmark-Iconmake a list of the significant contents of each suitcase

Protecting Your House

Xmark-Iconlet someone you trust know when you will be gone

Checkmark-Iconsuspend your subscription or have your newspapers picked up

Xmark-Icondon’t leave a note for visitors — leave a voice message

Checkmark-Iconclose and lock windows and doors

Xmark-Iconset timers on your lights and TV so the house appears occupied

Checkmark-Iconsuspend your mail delivery

Xmark-Iconleave drapes and shutters as you normally have them

Checkmark-Iconhave a neighbor accept package deliveries

Xmark-Iconinform the police and neighborhood watch that you will be gone

Checkmark-Icondon’t mention your being gone on your answering machine message

Xmark-Iconleave a car parked in your driveway

Checkmark-Icontake instructions for retrieving your answering machine messages

Xmark-Iconset alarm system before leaving home

Checkmark-Iconhire a house sitter to stay in your home

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