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Make The Holidays Easier Next Year

If your holidays didn’t turn out exactly as you had planned this year, you have another chance do it a little better the next time around. Here are some tips for organizing your holiday to-dos, re-evaluating your priorities, and creating systems to make the season easier and more enjoyable.

Create A Gift Wrap Station

Checkmark-Iconkeep all of your gift-giving supplies in one place

Xmark-Iconset up your gift center nearest the point where you normally wrap gifts

Checkmark-Iconset up a long under-bed box for storing rolled wrapping paper

Xmark-Iconset up smaller labeled tubs for tags, bows, ribbon, etc. — one for each type of supply

Checkmark-Iconbe sure to include scissors, tape, and a pen

Xmark-Iconalso store the gifts you plan to give in the same place — one for “kid gifts,” another for “adult gifts”

Checkmark-Iconmake sure to include a flat surface for wrapping — a table, bed, couch, whatever

Keep Track Of Recipes You Enjoyed

Xmark-Iconget copies of favorite recipes from friends or family

Checkmark-Iconcut out recipes from magazines or newspapers

Xmark-Iconmake photocopies of recipes from cookbooks

Checkmark-Iconcreate a ring-binder notebook with page-protectors for holiday recipes

Xmark-Iconinclude dividers for each section — veggies, bread, desserts, etc.

Checkmark-Iconput each recipe into a sheet protector page in the right section

Xmark-Iconeither store with your cookbooks or with holiday decorations if you only use these recipes once a year

List Potential Gift Ideas

Checkmark-Iconpay attention to items friends and family mention they want throughout the year

Xmark-Iconkeep a running “wish list” of gift ideas for each person in your life

Checkmark-Iconcross off each gift as you give it or know they have received it

Xmark-Iconuse this as your shopping list as the holiday season begins

Checkmark-Iconbe sure to include specifics — sizes, color preferences, brand names, etc.

Make Note Of Things That Did Not Work

Xmark-Iconsome plans go smoothly and some do not

Checkmark-Iconmake a note of items that didn’t work out and what went wrong

Xmark-Iconinclude all the details so you can avoid those pitfalls next time

Checkmark-Iconalso note any particular successes or great ideas you had

Xmark-Iconinclude all the details so you can recreate it next year

Checkmark-Iconstore with your holiday decorations and supplies

Pack Your Decorations The Right Way

Xmark-Icondon’t just throw everything in a box in a rush to get packed up

Checkmark-Iconwrap lights around a piece of cardboard so they won’t get tangled

Xmark-Iconwrap fragile items in bubble wrap or tissue paper

Checkmark-Iconget rid of the 60,000 little boxes your ornaments came in

Xmark-Iconstore ornaments in a holiday box with individual divided sections

Checkmark-Iconlabel all of your boxes clearly — you shouldn’t have to guess what is in each container

Xmark-Iconthink about temperature, moisture, insects — don’t store items where they will melt, mildew, get ruined

Checkmark-Iconstore like items together — ornaments in one box, snowmen in another, candles in a third, etc.

Shop For Gifts Throughout The Year

Xmark-Iconwith your wish list, you don’t have to wait until December to shop

Checkmark-Iconkeep an eye out for sales and discounts throughout the year

Xmark-Iconpick up both gifts for specific people and generic gifts for anyone — candles, bath supplies, etc.

Checkmark-Iconshop for interesting and unique gift items while traveling

Xmark-Iconset aside a closet or storage tub for holding gifts you’ve purchased

Checkmark-Iconwrap and tag them as soon as you get home to save time

Start A Christmas Club Account

Xmark-Iconcontact your bank about special holiday savings accounts — can’t touch the money until December

Checkmark-Iconif not available, set up your own separate savings account and commit to not withdrawing money early

Xmark-Iconput aside a small amount each month — pick a minimum amount, but you can add more if you have it

Checkmark-Iconuse savings just for gifts or to pay for all of your holiday spending — decorations, entertainment, etc.

Xmark-Iconpromise yourself not to spend more than you have in your account

Checkmark-Iconthis is the easiest way to plan ahead, avoid debt, and stick to a budget

Stock Up At After-Christmas Sales

Xmark-Iconmany holiday items are only available during the holidays — wrap, cards, lights, etc.

Checkmark-Iconthese items are more expensive at the start of the season and cheaper later on

Xmark-Iconshop at “after Christmas” sales to get deep discounts on these items

Checkmark-Iconcreate a storage space in your home for these seasonal items

Xmark-Iconyou can save tremendously (time and money) by planning ahead for the next year

Take A Picture Of Your House Decorated

Checkmark-Iconthis is the easiest way to remember how you had everything laid out

Xmark-Icontake photos from several angles and points within your house — include a full shot of the exterior

Checkmark-Iconinclude shots of your table setting, mantelpiece, and other focal points

Xmark-Iconmake notes on the back of each picture about items used

Checkmark-Iconstore photos with your holiday decorations

Update Your Holiday Address List

Xmark-Icongo through cards you received and double check addresses

Checkmark-Iconmake any changes to your list for new addresses or people who have moved

Xmark-Iconadd new friends to your list and delete those you no longer want to send cards to

Checkmark-Iconmake any revisions while they are still fresh in your mind

Xmark-Iconif you have access to a computer, automate your address list

Checkmark-Iconput your list in a program that prints letters, envelopes, and labels

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