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Party Planning Checklist

Whether you’re throwing a small casual get-together or a huge formal event, a birthday bash or the company holiday party, this checklist will help you with every aspect of your planning — deciding on a theme, choosing the food, theme, sending invitations, decorations, you name it!

A Few First Steps

Checkmark-Icondetermine the type of party — formal, special occasion, holiday, etc.

Xmark-Icondecide if you want drinks, finger foods, buffet, full meal, potluck, or other food option

Checkmark-Iconchoose a party theme

Xmark-Icondecide how many guests you would like to invite

Checkmark-Iconset a date, time, and place for your party

Xmark-Icondetermine a date by when guests must RSVP

Checkmark-Icondecide if you want live entertainment or recorded music

Xmark-Icondetermine if you want a do-it-yourself affair or to hire professionals

Checkmark-Iconmake lists of tasks that can be done in advance and those for party day

Xmark-Iconmake a shopping list — including small items like napkins and candles

Checkmark-Iconbook your location and pay any deposit

Budgeting For Your Party

Xmark-Icondecorations — flowers, plants, tablecloths, centerpieces, banners, props, etc.

Checkmark-Iconfood and beverages — including ice, alcohol, plates, cups, and napkins

Xmark-Iconother services — caterer, parking attendant, wait staff, etc.

Checkmark-Iconinvitations and postage

Xmark-Iconrental space

Checkmark-Iconentertainment — music, DJ, etc.

Xmark-Icontables, chairs, and other equipment rentals

Checkmark-Iconother miscellaneous expenses

Going the “Do-It-Yourself” Route

Xmark-Iconrecruit some volunteers

Checkmark-Iconassign jobs to help with planning, set up, serving, and clean up

Xmark-Iconpurchase or make decorations and decorate the room

Checkmark-Iconpurchase or rent dishes, glassware, and silverware

Xmark-Iconpurchase or rent table cloths, napkins, and serving pieces

Checkmark-Iconpurchase or rent decorations, centerpieces, candles, etc.

Xmark-Iconshop for groceries and prepare food

If You’re Throwing A Business Party…

Checkmark-Iconwill you focus on business issues or just a party?

Xmark-Iconwill employees contribute to the cost of the party?

Checkmark-Icondo you need to accommodate any special dietary requirements?

Xmark-Iconwhat is the most appropriate venue — on site or at another location?

Checkmark-Iconwhat will you need in terms of parking, disabled access, amenities, etc.?

Xmark-Iconwhat sort of decorations will you want — banners, flowers, centerpieces, balloons, etc.?

Checkmark-Iconhow will you go about purchasing or requesting donations for raffle prizes?

Xmark-Iconwhat will your schedule for the evening look like — time for speeches, presentations, etc.?

Checkmark-Iconwill you hire caterer and serving help or do the work yourself?

Xmark-Iconwill you hire entertainers or arrange a sound system and select recorded music?

Timeline — A Few Weeks Before

Checkmark-Iconput together your guest list and gather addresses and phone numbers

Xmark-Iconorder invitations

Checkmark-Iconpurchase decorations, paper goods, and other supplies

Xmark-Iconcontract for any services — caterer, entertainment, etc.

Checkmark-Iconplan your menu and purchase non-perishable foods and drinks

Xmark-Iconcontact any friends or family you want to help with the party

Checkmark-Iconaddress and mail your invitations

Xmark-Iconpick out the music

Checkmark-Iconcontract for any equipment rental — chairs, tables, etc.

Timeline — A Week Before

Xmark-Iconconfirm any friends, family, and hired service people working the party

Checkmark-Iconpick out your party outfit and have it cleaned

Xmark-Iconfinalize the space layout and decorations

Checkmark-Iconshop for bulk of perishable food

Timeline — One Or Two Days Before

Xmark-Iconclean your house if the party is at your home

Checkmark-Iconbegin decorating

Xmark-Icongather your supplies and equipment together

Checkmark-Iconshop for any last-minute food or supplies

Xmark-Icontouch base with any contracted service providers

Checkmark-Iconassign specific tasks to your volunteer assistants

Xmark-Iconmake preparations for cleaning up, returning equipment, etc.

Timeline — The Big Day

Checkmark-Iconfinalize the decorations and place settings

Xmark-Iconinstruct any hired and volunteer helpers

Checkmark-Iconmake your perishable foods

Xmark-Iconrelax and enjoy yourself!

Tips For Heading Off Problems

Checkmark-Iconinclude every piece of pertinent info on the invitation or a separate insert

Xmark-Iconinclude directions, dress requirements, schedule for the evening, etc.

Checkmark-Iconhave guests RSVP a week before the event so you have time to plan for adequate seating and food

Xmark-Iconlet the facility know ASAP of any special needs you might have

Checkmark-Iconbe sure to arrange for AV equipment, chairs and tables, space for entertainers, etc.

Xmark-Iconput up directional signs pointing guests toward the right location

Checkmark-Iconput up signs to the restrooms if they are not in the immediate area

Xmark-Iconconfirm arrangements with hired service providers a few days ahead

Checkmark-Iconmake sure caterers, bartenders, musicians, valet parking, wait staff, etc. have details and directions

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