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Preparing For Visiting Houseguests

Welcoming visitors into your home should be a joyous occasion — not a burden or a stress. Preparing before their arrival is the key to an enjoyable visit — creating a comfortable environment, making sure you have extra supplies on hand, and helping your guests understand the rules of the house.

Before They Arrive

Checkmark-Iconask if there are any special items they would like — food, toiletries, etc.

Xmark-Iconclean and air their room and change the sheets

Checkmark-Iconmake some space in drawers and closets for their things

Xmark-Iconshop for extra food and supplies for your guests

Checkmark-Iconclean out the car if guests will be riding in it

Xmark-Iconstraighten up the rest of the house

Checkmark-Icontell guests what to pack for your activities and the local weather

Making Them Feel At Home

Xmark-Iconput an alarm clock, radio, and phone in their room

Checkmark-Iconplace a notepad and pen or pencil by the bed

Xmark-Icongive guests their own water glass and pitcher

Checkmark-Iconprovide a good reading light, a few books, and some magazines

Xmark-Iconkeep a hair dryer and iron nearby

Checkmark-Icongive guests fresh flowers, a mini-coffee pot, mints, and other “treats”

Supplies To Have On Hand

Xmark-Iconwashcloths, bath towels, and hand towels

Checkmark-Iconclean sheets, blankets, and extra pillows

Xmark-Iconextra soap, shampoo, toothpaste, TP, etc.

Checkmark-Icona box of tissues

Xmark-Icona wastebasket

When They Arrive

Checkmark-Icongive them the tour of the house and show them the ropes

Xmark-Iconshow them where extra towels, toiletries, etc. are

Checkmark-Iconexplain any rules about pets or children and introduce your guests

Xmark-Icongive them house and car keys — and the code to the security system

Checkmark-Iconoffer local maps, brochures, tour books, etc.

Xmark-Iconshow them how to adjust heater or air conditioner

Checkmark-Iconshow them exit routes in the event of a fire and demonstrate smoke alarms

Xmark-Iconoutline mealtime plans, the schedule, and any other important info

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