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Selling Your Discards Online

As you clean out, you may discover a few items that are actually worth something (it’s not all junk!) If you’re too impatient for consignment and don’t have the energy for a yard sale, try selling your stuff online — either through a free listing like Craigslist or an auction like Ebay.

Describing Your Product

Checkmark-Iconstart with an attention-grabbing title for your product

Xmark-Iconinclude any brand names or model numbers

Checkmark-Icondescribe the condition of the item in positive terms — emphasize “new” and “like new” items

Xmark-Iconinclude a link to the manufacturer webpage for that product

Checkmark-Iconinclude a link to other sites selling the product for a similar or higher price

Xmark-Iconbe honest about any flaws, damage, or wear

Checkmark-Iconprovide as much description as necessary — size, color, fabric, style, construction, etc.

Xmark-Iconthere’s usually no text limit or a generous limit — the more information the better

Checkmark-Icondescribe any customization or special features not normally included with that product

Xmark-Iconindicate an item’s gender (men’s, women’s, kid’s) when appropriate

Checkmark-Iconinclude photos and close-up’s of features and “minor damage”

Xmark-Iconplace your item in a category with other similar items

Getting The Most Out Of Free Online Listings

Checkmark-Icontry free services like Craigslist and Kijiji before paying for a listing

Xmark-Iconthese services are like online newspaper classifieds — targeting local buyers

Checkmark-Iconeliminates any concern about shipping the product — you can insist on local pick-up

Xmark-Iconprotects your contact information — responses to the ad come to you anonymously

Checkmark-Iconyou decide who to meet with to show the item, when, and where

Xmark-Iconno formal bidding process — you negotiate back and forth with all buyers until you find an offer you like

Checkmark-Iconlisting expires after 2 weeks, but you can always relist

How The Ebay Bidding Process Works

Xmark-Iconmore like a traditional “auction” setting and less like a classified ad

Checkmark-Iconyou decide on a starting price — the opening bid on your item

Xmark-Iconyou also set the bidding increments — minimum of 50 cents, $1, $5, etc.

Checkmark-Icondetermine if you want the item not to sell below a “reserve” price — minimum you will accept

Xmark-Iconset a time limit for how long you want the bid to be open

Checkmark-Iconyou do not hand-pick the buyer — the item goes to the highest bidder at end of auction

Xmark-Iconif no one meets your reserve price, the item does not sell

Checkmark-Iconyou can also set a “buy now” option that skips auction process

Xmark-Iconwith “buy now”, the purchaser can buy immediately for a pre-determined price

Checkmark-Iconyou pay a fee for your listing, even if the item doesn’t sell

Xmark-Iconif the item does sell, you pay a percentage commission, as well

Shipping Your Order To A Winning Bidder

Checkmark-Iconbest if you let bidders know the shipping method and cost up front

Xmark-Iconchoose flat rate shipping or find shipping cost to farthest point from you in the country

Checkmark-Iconindicate that shipping may be higher for overseas bidders

Xmark-Iconlet bidders know if insurance on the package is included or costs more

Checkmark-Iconpack the product well and insure it — you will be responsible if it arrives damaged

Xmark-Iconinclude delivery confirmation so you know it was delivered properly

Ways To Protect Your Interests

Checkmark-Iconask up front what the auction service’s fees are

Xmark-Iconalso find out what protections you have from the service

Checkmark-Iconsee how you are covered in case of a dishonest buyer

Xmark-Iconknow your rights and responsibilities before signing on

Checkmark-Iconchoose an escrow service to handle payments

Xmark-Iconthey receive cash payment from buyer and hold until delivery

Checkmark-Iconavoid problems with bounced checks and bad credit cards

Xmark-Iconchoose an escrow recommended by your auction service

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