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Steps To Take In A Car Accident

Crash! Dammit! Getting into an accident is no fun, but you can make the clean-up process go more quickly and smoothly if you have a plan. Just print out this checklist and put it in your glove compartment — you’ll know the right steps to take to protect yourself and and your rights.

A Few First Steps

Checkmark-Iconpull off of the road and out of traffic — your safety is the first priority

Xmark-Iconturn on your hazard lights or put out flares on the road

Checkmark-Iconcheck to see if anyone is injured — if any injuries, call for an ambulance

Xmark-Iconcontact the police to send an officer out

Checkmark-Iconlook for any witnesses who might have seen the accident

Xmark-Icondo not admit fault for the accident — keep all conversation neutral

Document The Situation

Checkmark-Icondraw a diagram of the location and position of the cars during the accident

Xmark-Iconmake detailed notes exactly about what happened — step-by-step

Checkmark-Iconinclude information about the weather, speeds traveled, and road conditions

Xmark-Icontake pictures of the vehicle positions, any damage, and the site of the accident

Checkmark-Iconget a copy of the accident report from the police

Xmark-Iconrecord the names and badge numbers of any police on the scene

Checkmark-Iconcall your insurance agent within 24 hours of the accident

Exchange Information

Xmark-Iconcontact info for other driver — name, address, phone

Checkmark-Iconcontact info for other passengers — name, address, phone

Xmark-Iconcontact info for witnesses — name, address, phone

Checkmark-Iconinsurance info — company name, address, policy number

Xmark-Iconbe sure to get information directly from the other person’s insurance card to verify

Checkmark-Iconlicense plate number

Xmark-Icondriver’s license number

Checkmark-Iconcar description — make, model, year, and color

If Your Car Breaks Down

Xmark-Icontry to make it to a well-lit and populated area before stopping

Checkmark-Iconput up the hood and set out flares or turn on your hazard lights

Xmark-Iconget back in your car, lock the doors, roll up the windows

Checkmark-Iconif you have a cell phone, call for help

Xmark-Iconif a stranger stops, roll your window down just a small bit

Checkmark-Iconask the person to call a tow truck for you

Your Accident Supply Kit

Xmark-Iconfire extinguisher

Checkmark-Iconflashlight with extra batteries

Xmark-Icondistress flag or colored cloth to hang from antenna

Checkmark-Iconflares, emergency hazard light, or fluorescent road markers

Xmark-Iconfirst aid kit and extras of any important prescriptions

Checkmark-Iconwater and non-perishable packaged food

Xmark-Icontoilet tissue

Checkmark-Iconchange for phones

Xmark-Iconinstant camera for photographing damage during an accident

Checkmark-Iconemergency blankets and instant hand warmers — for cold weather

Xmark-Iconsun shades and sunscreen — for hot weather

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