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Tips For A Smooth Back-To-School Transition

Are you dreading back-to-school time? So much to do — supplies to buy, extracurricular activities to join, summer habits to shed, trying to get your kids back into a routine? Good luck! These tips might help a bit — some suggestions for making the back-to-school transition a little easier.

Buying School Clothes And Supplies

Checkmark-Iconpaper, folders, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

Xmark-Iconshop ahead of time for sales throughout the year

Checkmark-Iconbuy extras of “essentials” and put them away for later

Xmark-Iconbuy off-brands whenever possible to cut costs

Checkmark-Iconsimplify your child’s wardrobe to “mix-and-match”

Xmark-Icontake an inventory before heading out to the stores

Checkmark-Iconshop with a list to avoid buying things you don’t need

Clearing Out The Clutter

Xmark-Iconhelp your kids let go of old toys and outdated interests

Checkmark-Iconclean out old school supplies to make room for the new

Xmark-Iconspend one day before school starts organizing your child’s storage

Checkmark-Icondo it “with” your kids, and not “for” them

Xmark-Iconhave each child’s room spotless by the night before school starts

Checkmark-Icongo through closets and give away clothes/shoes that don’t fit

Contact The School

Xmark-Iconfind out if any physical examinations or immunizations required

Checkmark-Iconsee if any new registration requirements this year

Xmark-Iconget your child’s schedule and names of teachers

Checkmark-Iconnames and contact info for your child’s classmates’ parents

Xmark-Icongive school emergency phone numbers to reach you

Checkmark-Icondesignate others who may care for your child in your absence

Xmark-Iconget copy of school policies — absence, illness, discipline, etc.

Create A Launching Pad

Checkmark-Iconset up a spot near the door for items that need to go to school

Xmark-Iconbackpacks, school books, sports equipment, instruments, etc.

Checkmark-Iconspend 15 minutes each night gathering supplies for tomorrow

Xmark-Iconuse a cubby for each kid if you have several children

Checkmark-Iconno more hunting for missing books and supplies in the morning

Getting Ready Ahead Of Time

Xmark-Iconmake lunches the night before to save time in the morning

Checkmark-Icondo “non-perishables” a week at a time — juice box, chips, dred fruit, etc.

Xmark-Iconput in pantry in lunch bags labeled with child’s name and day

Checkmark-Iconlay out your child’s clothes for the entire week on Sat. or Sun.

Xmark-Iconcollect up school supplies for next day before going to bed

Checkmark-Iconplan out and shop for a week’s worth of dinners at once

Making Bedtime Easier

Xmark-Iconhave a set schedule — homework, dinner, play, bath, etc.

Checkmark-Iconspend 15 minutes before bed straightening up

Xmark-Icongather all supplies for the next day before bed

Checkmark-Iconcreate “calming” rituals before bed — bath, reading, soft music, etc.

Xmark-Iconhelp kids get up in time by insisting on a strict bedtime

Checkmark-Iconstay away from TV late at night

Morning Rituals

Xmark-Iconset an alarm clock allowing plenty of time to get ready

Checkmark-Iconcomplete your AM routine before the kids start to get going

Xmark-Iconsimplify your morning routine as much as possible

Checkmark-Iconcomplete as many “getting ready” chores the night before as can

Xmark-Iconhave a set schedule — shower, dress, breakfast, chores, etc.

Checkmark-Iconmake mornings fun with music, but stay away from TV distractions

Xmark-Iconcreate a sense of structure to start off the day

Checkmark-Iconput breakfast supplies within kids’ reach to make things easier

Xmark-Icondevelop consequences for not being ready on time

Putting Your Family’s Schedule In Order

Checkmark-Iconset up a central family calendar in a high-traffic area

Xmark-Iconfamily meeting once a week to discuss each person’s schedule

Checkmark-Iconrecord each person’s appointments in a different color marker

Xmark-Iconmake each child responsible for reporting his/her activities

Checkmark-Iconschedule in regular appointments — soccer practice, piano lessons

Xmark-Iconimmediately transfer dates from other schedules to your calendar

Checkmark-Iconbe sure to block off family time at least once a week

Teaching Kids To Set Boundaries

Xmark-Iconlimit the number of extra-curricular activities at one time

Checkmark-Iconlimit amount of artwork that may be displayed at one time

Xmark-Iconwhen a new piece of artwork goes up, one must come down

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