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Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home — but does your home have heart disease? Are cooking and cleaning more of a chore than they need to be — because your cabinets and pantry are jumbled and disorganized? Try these tips for clearing the clutter and setting up an efficient and functional kitchen.

Creating Your Five Centers

Checkmark-Iconset up a “station” for each of the five basic kitchen activities

Xmark-Iconkeep your equipment nearest the appropriate center

Checkmark-Iconmaking it easier for you to perform kitchen duties

Xmark-Iconcleaning — sink, dishwasher, trashcan, soap, rags, sponges, etc.

Checkmark-Iconcooking — stove, pots, pans, microwave, toaster, etc.

Xmark-Iconfood prep — countertop, mixing bowls, blender, measuring cups, etc.

Checkmark-Iconfood storage — refrigerator, Tupperware, canned foods, etc.

Xmark-Iconserving — dishes, linens, candles, flatware, glasses, etc.

Following The Triangle Theory

Checkmark-Iconpay attention to your movement from one center to the next

Xmark-Iconyou should be able to reach major appliances in only a few steps

Checkmark-Iconset up your kitchen as a triangle

Xmark-Iconmoving from stove to sink to refrigerator

Checkmark-Iconkeep these paths clear of obstacles — trash cans, dog dish, etc.

Honey, Is This Good?

Xmark-Iconremember that even non-perishable foods go bad

Checkmark-Icongo through your cabinets and clean out

Xmark-Iconget rid of anything rancid, old, stale, or hairy

Checkmark-Iconfollow some basic guidelines about how long food stays edible

Xmark-Iconcanned foods — 2-5 years

Checkmark-Iconcereal — 6 months

Xmark-Iconpasta — 1 year

Checkmark-Iconspices — 6-12 months

Xmark-Iconflours — 3-6 months

Checkmark-Icongrains and legumes — 1 year

Xmark-Icondried herbs — 6 months

Checkmark-Iconcondiments — 1 year

Kitchen Design Questions

Xmark-Icondo you buy in bulk?

Checkmark-Iconwhat do you normally buy more of — boxed, frozen, or fresh foods?

Xmark-Icondo you eat in the kitchen or in the dining room?

Checkmark-Iconis the kitchen a social and family center?

Xmark-Icondo you have need of a computer in the kitchen?

Checkmark-Icondo you want a TV or CD player in the kitchen?

Xmark-Iconhow many meals a day do you cook? how many people do you cook for?

Checkmark-Icondo you do much large-scale entertaining?

Xmark-Icondo you prepare many elaborate or complicated meals?

Checkmark-Icondo you want a “pass-through” to the dining room?

Xmark-Iconwhat items do you use most frequently in your kitchen?

Checkmark-Iconhow many recipe books do you have? how often do you use them?

Xmark-Icondo you have any physical limitations?

Checkmark-Iconare you tall or short — requiring more high or low storage?

Organizing Your Cabinets And Pantry

Xmark-Iconlimit yourself to one category of paraphernalia per area — glasses on one shelf, dishes on another, etc.

Checkmark-Iconavoid storing food and cookware together in the same cabinet

Xmark-Icongroup foods in categories for easy access — canned vegetables, baking goods, breakfast foods, etc.

Checkmark-Iconalphabetize spices in a rack to make them easier to locate

Xmark-Iconkeep small packets of gravy, Jell-O, and sauces together in a basket

Transform Your Existing Storage Space

Checkmark-Iconstorage tools can do wonders with your current spaces

Xmark-Iconstepped shelving makes use of the back space in a deep cabinet

Checkmark-Icondrawer dividers keep utensils under control

Xmark-Iconrectangular storage containers take less space than round ones

Checkmark-Iconchoose containers that stack

Xmark-Iconline up pot lids and flat cookware in a vertical rack

Checkmark-Iconuse overhead bins, cup hooks, and racks for hanging storage

Xmark-Iconuse pullout racks and stacking bins to make use of dead space

Checkmark-Iconsave your counters for items you use daily

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