Top Ten Motivators

Staying motivated to complete your goals is a challenge — even when it’s something you really want to accomplish in life. I know, and I’m an organizer! Here are ten proven techniques that will keep you on task, excited about what you’re doing, and making progress every day.

Break Your Goal Down

Checkmark-Iconmost goals are abandoned because they are too big and vague

Xmark-Iconbreak your goal down into smaller tasks

Checkmark-Iconchoose a concrete and measurable action

Xmark-Iconhave a solid idea of what successful completion looks like

Commit 15 Minutes A Day

Checkmark-Iconyou don’t have to commit hours at a time to accomplish a goal

Xmark-Iconthe greatest advances are the sum total of a series of small efforts

Checkmark-Iconcommit to spending just 15 minutes a day

Xmark-Icondo something that moves you closer to accomplishing your goal

Develop A Mantra

Checkmark-Iconrepetition is the mother of success

Xmark-Iconremind yourself of your goals every day

Checkmark-Iconturn your most important goal into a one-sentence affirmation

Xmark-Iconphrased as though you have already accomplished your goal

Checkmark-Iconrepeat regularly and it becomes your natural way of thinking

Find A Buddy

Xmark-Icontry to get friends to help out with your project

Checkmark-Iconoffer to reciprocate and help your friend in return

Xmark-Icontwo can get more done in a shorter period of time than one

Checkmark-Iconyou hold each other accountable to accomplishing your goals

Let People Know Your Plans

Xmark-Iconmake yourself accountable by telling others of your plans

Checkmark-Iconthey become interested in your progress and check in with you

Xmark-Iconinspires you to keep going and overcome your obstacles

Paint Yourself Into A Corner

Checkmark-Iconthe worst deadline is “someday” or “when I get around to it”

Xmark-Icontoo vague, too broad, and too much room for slacking

Checkmark-Iconmake a commitment to someone else to add some pressure

Xmark-Iconknowing that others are counting on you often gets you going

Put It Down On Paper

Checkmark-Iconif you write a goal down, it is more likely to come to fruition

Xmark-Iconyou invest time and energy writing your goals down

Checkmark-Iconputting goals on paper makes you more committed to the outcome

Xmark-Iconplus it’s therapeutic to cross items off when they are completed

Review Your Goals Regularly

Checkmark-Iconask yourself some hard questions about each goal

Xmark-Iconask why you haven’t made more progress and what’s in your way

Checkmark-Iconask if the goal is still important to you

Xmark-Iconif your priorities have changed, drop it from your list

Reward Yourself

Checkmark-Iconas you plan your goals, attach a specific reward to each

Xmark-Iconthe reward should be commensurate with the amount of work

Checkmark-Iconbe consistent about rewarding yourself for every accomplishment

Xmark-Iconeach completion deserves a reward, no matter how small

Take Time To Enjoy Your Success

Checkmark-Icontake time to acknowledge the fact that you accomplished a goal

Xmark-Icondon’t simply charge into the next task or you will burn out

Checkmark-Iconremember the time and effort you invested

Xmark-Iconsavor the feeling of completion

Checkmark-Iconrefresh and renew your enthusiasm to continue

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