Traveling With Children

If you’ve ever traveled with (or next to) an unhappy child, you know how important it is to keep kids occupied, fed, and entertained on a trip. Here are some tips for packing, flying, and car travel — as well as ways to keep your little one from asking “Are we there yet?”

Creating A Kid’s Travel Kit

Checkmark-Iconpens, pencils, and crayons

Xmark-Iconcoloring books and drawing paper

Checkmark-Icontravel games

Xmark-Iconfavorite toy or stuffed animal

Checkmark-Iconbooks — picture or reading, depending on age

Xmark-Iconpillow and blanket

Checkmark-IconZiploc bags for storing small items

Xmark-Iconplastic trash bags for wet clothes and garbage

Checkmark-Iconhealthy snacks — dried fruit, nuts, etc.

Xmark-Iconbottled water or juice

Flying With Children

Checkmark-Iconbring snacks in pre-packed ziploc bags

Xmark-Icongive your infant a bottle to suck to reduce ear pressure

Checkmark-Iconbring a bag of toys, coloring books, etc. to keep kids occupied

Xmark-Iconbring wet wipes, a rag, and a change of clothes for your kid

Checkmark-Iconrequest an aisle seat for easy access to the bathroom

Xmark-Icontry not to sit in a middle or window seat with a fidgety child

Keeping Busy In The Car

Checkmark-Iconplay the alphabet game

Xmark-Iconname all of the US states

Checkmark-Iconcount license plates from other states

Xmark-Iconmake up a story — each person adding the next sentence

Checkmark-Iconcreate a list of things your kids want to do when they arrive

Xmark-Iconlet your kids follow your route on the map

Checkmark-Iconavoid competitive games to fend off hurt feelings

Long Trips — Avoiding The Crankies

Xmark-Iconavoid long periods trapped in the car

Checkmark-Iconmake frequent stops to stretch and walk around

Xmark-Iconplan interesting sights at regular intervals along the trip

Checkmark-Iconplan plenty of down time playing in the pool or at the hotel

Xmark-Iconlet your kids help plan the trip, picking their own stops

Checkmark-Iconset clear boundaries — about restaurants, budget, etc.

Protecting Your Kids

Xmark-Iconpack plenty of ice and water, especially in hot weather

Checkmark-Iconbuy personal battery-operated fans to avoid heat exhaustion

Xmark-Icongive each kid a pair of sunglasses to stave off headaches

Checkmark-Iconpack a first aid kit with bandages and basic children’s medications

Xmark-Iconnever leave kids alone in a parked car, even with windows down

Checkmark-Iconkeep an eye on kids at rest stops

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