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You Can Recycle More Than You Think

Cleaning out doesn’t have to mean creating a mountain of trash. “Green” organizing involves making sure that as few items as possible end up in a landfill. So much of what we toss out is actually recyclable — you just have to know what materials can be accepted and where to take your discards.

Commonly Accepted Recyclables

Checkmark-Iconclear and frosted plastic bottles (grades 1 and 2 most likely accepted)

Xmark-Iconglass bottles, jars, and containers without the lids (brown, clear, and green)

Checkmark-Iconaluminum (cans and foil)

Xmark-Iconsteel cans (the kind that canned vegetables come in)

Checkmark-Iconplastic and paper grocery bags

Xmark-Icontires and rubber

Checkmark-Iconscrap metal

Xmark-Iconautomotive parts (either as scrap or for used rebuilt parts)

Checkmark-Iconthese sites also tell you how and where to recycle more exotic items (see below)

Xmark-Iconvisit,, or to find a drop-off near you

Drop Off Anyplace That Recycles Paper Goods

Checkmark-Iconwhite copy paper and office paper

Xmark-Iconjunk mail and colored paper


Xmark-Iconnewspaper and newsprint

Checkmark-Icontelephone books

Xmark-Iconcorrugated cardboard (not slick)

Harder To Recycle, But Not Impossible

Checkmark-Iconaseptic packaging (milk cartons, drink boxes, etc.) — call Coca Cola at 800-888-6488 for locations

Xmark-Iconrefrigerators, heat pumps, and air conditioners — have to be taken away by a certified hauler

Checkmark-Iconpacking “peanuts” — the Plastic Loose Fill Council offers a list of drop-off sites

Xmark-Iconpolystyrene packaging — the Alliance Of Foam Packaging Recyclers offers a list of drop-off sites

Checkmark-Iconcarpet and carpet padding — Dupont Antron has a program for recycling carpet

Xmark-Iconeyeglasses — the Lions Club accepts donations to fit with new lenses for the needy

Checkmark-Iconholiday cards — send to St. Jude’s Ranch to be made into new cards

Recyclable Technology

Xmark-IconGreenDisk has a program to recycle any media or computer components

Checkmark-Iconcompact discs and computer disks

Xmark-Iconcomputer equipment and components

Checkmark-Iconmagnetic video, audio, and data tapes

Xmark-Iconink and toner cartridges — choose from a number of recycling programs

Checkmark-Iconcell phones, cordless items, and rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries

Xmark-IconCall2Recycle offers a list of drop-off centers

Toxic Substances To Be Disposed Of With Care

Checkmark-Iconmotor oil, antifreeze and other automotive fluids — take to your local quick lube shop

Xmark-Iconhousehold cleaners, poisons, paints, and solvents — call your garbage company for advice

Checkmark-Iconlead acid batteries — take to an automotive shop or contact The Battery Council to find a drop-off center

Xmark-Icontake non-recyclables to a toxic waste drop off — do not put in the garbage

Checkmark-Iconsmoke detectors (contain radioactive material) — call First Alert at 800-323-9005 for instructions

Xmark-Iconfluorescent light bulbs and thermometers (contain mercury) — call your garbage company for advice

You Can Not Recycle — Don’t Even Try It!

Checkmark-Iconother grades of plastic (varies by local area)

Xmark-Iconwaxed, food contaminated, and oil-soaked paper

Checkmark-Iconstickers and plastic laminated paper such as fast food wrappers

Xmark-Iconpet food bags

Checkmark-Iconcarbon or thermal fax paper

Xmark-Iconsanitary products or tissues

Checkmark-Iconplate glass and mirrors

Xmark-Iconcrockery, china, or pottery

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