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Why Service Professions Freaking Rock!

Business Blog -- Service ProfessionalIt used to be that only the wealthy could afford chefs and nannies, landscapers and personal trainers, errand-runners and accountants. Not any more! Even households that would have been considered solidly middle class (which meant “do-it-yourself”) back in the day now call on personal service providers without a second thought—because they know that doing so will make their lives immeasurably easier in the long run.

This is the golden age of consultancy—for any problem, you can find at least a dozen experts chomping at the bit to solve it. Those who used to see the hiring of help as an admission of ineptitude are more inclined to view it as “outsourcing,” a smart time management tool. For many, organizing is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity—the only thing that allows busy people with too much stuff, too many responsibilities, and not enough time to function properly.




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