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  • Some Child-Free Fun

    Those of you without a sense of humor might think that I take this issue a little too seriously — demanding that society change to meet the needs of the voluntarily childless and all that. But being sans-offspring involves more than just bitching and complaining. We also have a sense of humor — and there’s... Read More

  • The Church Of Ramona -- Now Open For Business

    I’ve always had a problem with organized religion. I can’t stand the corruption that accompanies institutionalized belief — no one group ever convinced me that they had things 100% figured out (although Pastafarianism comes pretty close). I wanted to pick and choose the bits I liked best from each practice and paste them together into... Read More

  • What Child Free Means

    As I full-time RV my way around the country, I’m asked over and over again about my reproductive state of affairs — ‘cuz you know, that’s what small talk with a total stranger looks like in ‘Merica! When I say that I’m “child-free,” I’m often met with a blank stare and an open mouth (especially... Read More