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Decalogue Redux

Fascist State -- Ten CommandmentsOkay kids, it’s time for a reality check about “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.” (I love the way god’s voice is always shouting in the bible — rude!) The most important rules for humanity to follow? The heart of divine law? An omnipotent being’s top behavioral priorities? Talk about an outdated moral code! While this list might have served its purpose back in ancient Egypt (although I sort of doubt it, minus a commandment outlawing slavery) — it’s become largely irrelevant in the 21st century. At least 4 (possibly 5, depending on how you look at it) of these tenets feel pretty self-indulgent, like a spoiled toddler screaming, “pay attention to me!” And 3 others are about coveting another’s possessions — an awful lot of concern about materialism, when we have so many more important modern-day worries (like domestic violence, rape, torture, coercion, discrimination, reality TV, and bad parenting practices).

The major problem I have with those stone tablets is that they don’t provide much practical, logical guidance when it comes to dealing with the complex ethical issues that confuse and confound we contemporary peoples — too black-and-white, too over-simplified, and waaaay too damn vague. Graven images and keeping the sabbath holy — so does mounting a bobblehead on your dashboard or going into the office on the weekend make you a danger to society? (I’m all about encouraging folks to value people over things and avoid workaholism, but come on!) Honoring mom and dad is great — but why just them? Why not also “honor thy teacher” or “honor that crazy aunt who lets you get away with the fun stuff your parents tell you not to do” or maybe just “honor all living creatures?” And while we’re on the subject, what about all this “thou shalt not kill” nonsense? Where does capital punishment and self-defense and war fit into that bigger picture? None of it makes any sense to me!

The Church Of Ramona has very little dogma and no formal weekly service — Just get outside to enjoy a little nature and we’ll call that “Sunday School.” In fact, I hesitated even setting up “commandments” because I don’t do well with ultimatums (and I’m quite certain that my god would NEVER choose a gun-toting war-mongering Republican like Charlton Heston as his representative) — but I’ve decided that we need a new set of rules for a new era:


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 1Thou shalt treat everyone with respect and dignity, whether they deserve it or not.

***except L. Ron Hubbard


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 2Thou shalt not go out of thine way to hurt anyone’s feelings deliberately.

***except L. Ron Hubbard’s


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 3Thou shalt try to engage in a little friendly intellectual debate, every day.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 4Thou shalt put thine talents (whatever they be) to good use.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 5Thou shalt take a moment each day to look around you and appreciate your good fortune.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 6Thou shalt not spend beyond your means, or accumulate debt you can not pay off.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 7Thou shalt practice common freaking sense as part of your daily ritual.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 8Thou shalt remember to let those in your life know that you love them.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 9Thou shalt try to keep an optimistic outlook, knowing that it always does get better.


Fascist State -- Roman Numeral 10Thou shalt never allow your beliefs to infringe upon anyone else’s happiness or freedom.

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