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Production Stills For Stage And Screen

Behind-The-Scenes —
Production Stills For Stage And Screen

When I landed in Los Angeles, I discovered a whole new world of photographic opportunity — taking behind-the-scenes pictures of these Hollywood types while they’re making movies and rehearsing plays.

ramonaart-behind-the-scenesIt all started when I was invited to bring my camera along to an on-location shoot for the Red Shirts web series (which follows three endearingly incompetent ensigns who barely manage to escape death every episode — it’s pretty damned funny, even if you’re not a Trekkie). I had no idea what I was getting into — much as I enjoy capturing the perfect candid image by stalking folks while they’re moving and grooving through their natural habitats, it’s usually at a recreational event (like a birthday party or family reunion, maybe traipsing after someone’s kids on a playground or at an amusement park). But a film set is different, stricter, more intimidating. Would I be in the way? Would I distract the actors? Would I even be able to get any decent shots?

Turns out all my fears were for naught — as long as I wasn’t dangling over into the frame or making noise that would be picked up by the boom mike, I was golden. I followed these intrepid entertainers out into the desert, to a dry and desolate place rather suitably named Jawbone Canyon. I spent two days trying to balance a Canon EOS 5D Mark II in one hand and a parasol in the other (required equipment, otherwise those Irish genes of mine burst into flames under this harsh and unforgiving California sun) — all while stealthily maneuvering my way into just the right action-catching position. (An impressive feat, if I do say so myself!) I zoomed in close and pulled back wide. I dodged dust gusts and cactus spines, got rocks in my shoes and sand in every possible crevice. I shot on-stage scenes and casual conversations during breaks, the production designer engaging in a little impromptu prop mastery, actresses fixing their hair and makeup — and (of course) a few dismembered-body-part-related gag pics. (You don’t get to leave decapitated heads, severed limbs, and a skeleton named “Charles” lying around, and not have them end up in my snaps!) I held bounce boards for the DP and clappers for the director. I even sewed fur bikinis for intergalactic Amazon women, and served healthy snacks (like cauliflower cheddar puffs and vegetarian meatballs and spiced pumpkin seeds) to the crew — photography meets costuming meets craft services, a triple-threat kind of gal!

Most of all, I had a blast! The voyeuristic side of me was in heaven, learning technical lingo and insider secrets and movie-magic tricks — seeing just how much work and effort goes into making a story jump off the page. I walked away with a better appreciation for the entertainment I consume, and a great deal more respect for the talent that supports my media-whoring ways. And (throughout the process) I got some great publicity pictures of cast and crew — showing them individually practicing their arts, working together as a team, and coming together as a family.

I’m hoping to do much more of this in the future — so if you’re planning a production in LaLa Land and like my work (click on each picture below to see a larger image), give me a holler. I’d love to help you show the world the other side of your project!

Red Shirts Web Series — Space Amazon Episode


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