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Your RVing Tool Bag

Those of us who live on the road full-time learn very quickly to strike a balance when it comes to our “supplies.” It’s not like a house where you can just fill your basement and attic with a lot of toys and equipment you never use (although, as a Professional Organizer, I’ve never been a fan of “garage clutter” — all of my tools, sports equipment, and lawn toys were hung neatly on wall hooks!)

Of course you have to carry with you everything that you’ll need for daily RV life, as well as for repairs and minor emergencies — but you’re limited to what will fit in a couple of very small storage compartments. So the best options are portable, travel-sized, multi-functional, or collapsible. That’s why I own an inflatable canoe, a roll-up picnic table, and chairs that fit in a bag!

Throughout my travels, I have figured out exactly what I need and what I don’t — tools, recreational items, utility connections, outdoor furnishings, even decorative embellishments. It took me a bit of trial and error, some cleaning out and a few new purchases to get it right — so let me share my supply list with you…

Hitching And Driving Tools

  • air compressor (for filling tires)
  • chock blocks
  • hitch ball grease
  • jack pads
  • leveling blocks
  • soccer cones (for backing up without a guide)
  • torque wrench
  • towing mirror extenders

Outdoor Storage Supplies

  • bike cover
  • bike lock
  • wheel covers

Patio Supplies

  • citronella candles
  • fold-up camp chairs
  • mesh food cover (for keeping off bugs)
  • outdoor lights
  • patio rug
  • portable grill
  • roll-up table
  • vinyl tablecloth with clamps

Repairs And Maintenance

Tools And Hardware

  • adjustable wrench
  • Dremel (you wouldn’t believe how useful this is!)
  • electrical circuit tester
  • flathead and phillips head screwdrivers
  • hammer
  • level
  • locking and and needle-nose pliers
  • mini hacksaw
  • miscellaneous screws, nuts/bolts, and nails
  • set of multi-size allen wrenches
  • tape measure
  • variety of metal and rubber washers
  • wire connectors in various sizes
  • wire cutters

Utility Connection Supplies

  • 30-amp to 15-amp adapter (for connecting to a household plug)
  • 30-amp to 50-amp adapter (for connecting to a motor-home outlet)
  • bleach (for cleaning sewer hose)
  • double hose connector (allows you to hook up your fresh water and keep a free spigot)
  • flushing connector (for back-washing your grey and black water tanks)
  • fresh water hoses (white, food-grade — ONLY to be used for fresh water)
  • generators (recommend two 2000 units that you can connect)
  • hand sanitizer (for working sewer hose)
  • outdoor 10-gauge extension cords (in several lengths)
  • regular garden hose (for flushing sewer connection)
  • rubber gloves (for working witih sewer hose)
  • water filter
  • water pressure regulator (goes from hose to RV — never connect to ANY water hose without this)
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