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RV Park Reviews

I have stayed in variety of different RV parks throughout my travels — urban ghettos and rural countryside, publicly-owned recreation areas and private resorts, vacation destinations and retirement communities, scenic national spots and mobile home parks filled with permanent residents, high-end gated neighborhoods and complete dumps. I’ve visited RV parks on the coast and in the desert, in small towns and big cities, and everywhere in-between.

I’m willing to give just about any location a try (just one try, in some cases) — because you never know when you might find a hidden gem. Of course, you also never know when you are going to be crammed in less than 5 feet away from the next rig, on a piece of semi-industrial wasteland covered in asphalt (but that happens much less often!)

The most frustrating thing about making a reservation is that, without a referral, you really have no clue what the place is like until you get there (I learned early on that even the photos on the park’s website can lie!) So I thought that I would share my opinion of each place I’ve stayed. Please note that my star system is based on how much I enjoyed staying at that location, not how sexy their amenities are. I am much more concerned with convenience and shade trees and open space than golf courses or country clubs (although a swimming pool and a hot tub are nice pluses!)

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